Palestine News | Aug 12, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 12,  2013 | 24265 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2253 days
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Israel launches campaign to convince EU to rethink settlement boycott

Hamas deplores Egyptian army for unfounded accusations against it

Jenin Municipality employees start a general strike

84 citizens from Gaza visit their relatives held in Nafha jail

Is Palestine’s first planned city part of the resistance or a whitewash of the … – Middle East Monitor

To run its college sock-puppet propaganda arm, Israel taps Likud man who called hasbara “opposing the digital pogrom” …

Two Days Before Talks, Israel Opens Settlement Floodgates ~ by

Israel Channel 10 News is reporting approval of 940 settler units in Mordot Gilo/East Jerusalem,IN ADDITION to 790 units tendered yesterday

and so it begins- Ansaar Beit Almaqds Brigades in Egypt, South of the Sinai peninsula have claimed responsibility…

BREAKING : Israeli occupation warplanes launched several fake raids – sonic bombs on middle Gaza strip, Nussairat…

On 214 documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations 
During which, 6 PEOPLE WERE KILLED

Same, Same, Different – Airport Detention, Settlements and the Separation Wall (Day 1) at Postcards from Palestine …


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Occupation of #Palestine by #Israel
In Photos …

Hamas: None has authorization to abandon right of return, Resettlement is principally rejected

Video – Sent to prison for playing with olives ~ by @IsmPalestine

PPS holds Israel responsible for a wounded prisoner

Israeli forces deny former PA minister entry to village

Prisoners (supposed to be released in 1999 (!)
Swapped for land

VIDEO | Gazans Suffer as Result of Imposed Restrictions by Egypt

Small prisoner release prompts small Israeli protest

VIDEO | Canada media support pro-Israel agenda against Palestinians ~ by @PressTV

Pre-Oslo prisoners must be freed at once, says wife of jailed leader

Russia slams Israel’s settlement plans

Syria Fallout Raises Tensions in Lebanon’s Palestinian Camps

Israeli Bypass Roads: Separate But Unequal ~ by Maysoon Zayid

After Friday protest, Israeli army continues harassing residents of Kafr Qaddum – Journal by @ISMPalestine

Settling: Still a warcrime by law but Zionist squatters set up a new outpost south of Nablus

Jewish Foundation contributes 145 million dollars to dismantle and judaize Occupied Jerusalem

Talks will fail because Palestinians shouldn’t negotiate with ‘a thief,’ Israel supporter concedes …

Brand Israel is at it again. In 14 countries IT-companies compete about a trip to Israel & a Start Up …

Jewish Foundation contributes U.S. $145 million for Judaization of Jerusalem

Palestinian official urges Israel to drop settlement plan

Hamas leaders stranded in Tehran by Egypt’s blockade of Gaza

Settlers set fire to Palestinian land in Nablus

No date set for prisoner release

PA optimistic over peace talks despite settlement go-ahead

PHOTO: Israel proudly displays separation fence to arriving tourists

Women of Kafr Qaddum: Steadfastness and determination

Violence continues across Syria, Palestinian refugee killed

Prisoner list divides Palestinian officials

Clarity sought over terms of prison release deal

Al-Khoffash: “Israeli List Of Detainees To Be Free, Disappointing”

EU Refuses to Fund Israel

Palestinian official urges Israel to drop settlement plan

Gaza families visit their sons in Israeli jails

Israel raids Palestinian homes, detaining people

Eight Palestinians taken prisoners in Israeli W. Bank pogrom including a child

Are Mideast peace talks in tatters?

Masafi signs agreement to adopt school in Gaza in partnership with Dubai Cares – AME Info (press release)

Israeli Officer: Gaza tunnels impose great threat
Food feeds Palestinians, intervenes with the plan “Starve Gaza”

Daily zionist pogroms on activists update:
Israeli forces detain 2 activists in Hebron

PA mulls boycotting talks with Israel

Haaretz: The 26 Palestinian prisoners due for release
They were ‘due’ for release back in 1999

IOF kill a man, wound another in Gaza

Israeli govt gets crossfire criticism over Palestinian prisoner release

Pre-Oslo Palestinian prisoners should have been released 14 yrs ago as part of Sharm Sheikh agreement of 1999

EU says settlements may make peace talks ‘impossible’
@EU_Commission 6th death due Israeli truce violations doesn’t?

Extremist zionist squatters seize Palestinian land in Khader town

Erekat warns that Israeli violations could damage peace talks

Egypt extends Mursi’s detention by 15 days

Now: Terrorist Israeli colonists set Jalud mount in fire and attacking Palestinian houses south Nablus, 12…

#PalHunger | Qabha unveils some details of Israeli agreement with Jordanian hunger strikers

Settlers Set Fire to Palestinian Land, Attack Residents near Nablus

Confidence-Building Measures Needed For Israel-Palestine Talks

Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association – ADDAMEER – Negotiations and the Release of Pre-Oslo Prisoners

Alf Mabrook! Third baby born after sperm smuggled from jail

RIGHT NOW: Israeli forces shutting down dozens of TelAviv businesses operated by Africans in order to starve them because they’re not Jewish

Netanyahu’s conduct in renewed peace talks: One step forward, three steps back. Read: …

PA: Settlement plans show Israel not serious.
#BREAKING NEWS #Israel is VERY ‘serious’ about THIS

COME WATCH: Breaking the Silence: 19 Aug/6pm (S.Africa) talk about IDF abuses in OPT!
Live stream:

“10 of the (Palestinian) prisoners would have ended their jail time within three years.” admits an Israeli paper

Daily Pogrom-Update: Ten Palestinians Kidnapped In Different Parts of West Bank

Iran to sign new nuclear plant deal with Russia 

MK Sarsour slams PA for not winning release of Israeli-Arab prisoners

Hamas deplores Egyptian army for unfounded accusations against it 

Dozens killed as Israel, Egypt strike targets in Sinai

#PalHunger | Israeli Prison ‘Service’ agrees on demands of Jordanian detainees

Video – Sent to prison for playing with olives 

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

Israel names 26 prisoners set for release

Iran Warns Palestine on Peace Talks

Update: Netanyahu complains to Kerry of incitement and cites– Mohammed Assaf’s lyrics

PA Slams Israel’s Decision to Construct Over 1200 Settler Units in WB, East Jerusalem,-east-jerusalem

Ten Palestinians Kidnapped In Different Parts of West Bank: Israeli soldiers invaded on Monday at dawn [August…

Smugglers shoot Egyptian policeman near Israel border

Settlement construction shows Israel not after talks: Palestinian official

Netanyahu released from hospital after successful surgery

2 senior PLO representatives say no for negotiations

Westerwelle visits Mideast to support peace efforts

“They told me to hurry back, because the Israelis had bombed my house and killed everyone inside it”

Israel never has genuine intentions:
Israel announces raft of new settlement homes 3 days ahead of Palestinian peace talks

PA condemns Israeli plan 2 deport some prisoners it releases. Not part of original agreement.

U. of Manchester: NO to Technion partnership! BDS …

Did you know that 12 #Palestinian prisoners are still on hunger strike? Demand their release!
#Palhunger …

Israel set to exile 14 prisoners to Gaza, release 12 others In PR ‘Goodwill’ stunt

Families of Palestinian prisoners decry terms of release

Israel To Build Hundreds Of Units In Settlements, Illegal Outposts, to sabotage peace

Israel to release Palestinian prisoners

VIDEO | Palestinians ‘unhappy’ with talks as Israel approves new settlement unit

Palestinian assassinated by Israeli army on saturday, identified as 30 year old Hussein Abdul-Hadi Awadallah

#iRemember: The names of the martyrs of Palestine

The Israel-Palestine Peace Talks Could Be Over Before They Started

Settling: A warcrime by LAW but Israel places cornerstone for Jerusalem settlement
Aug 30, 2010, BEFORE peacetalks, Netanyahu vowed to make NO CONCESSIONS AT ALL:

And said before going into “peacetalks”: The “Eretz Israel” stretches from the Mediterranian Sea to the River Jordan. …

“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river”

“The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.” & more:

Why are Palestinians blamed for violence in Lebanon?

You didn’t win Arab Idol? Kindly wait, and maybe your application will be answered in the next two years!

Israeli soldiers deny medical help to boy bitten by snake

I Am Invisible – Because You Refuse to See Me

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

LIVE BLOG | Protests to #StopPrawerPlan Aug 1, 2013 – In Photos
Silenced by MSM
Even if 10.000’s to be ethnic cleansed


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