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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 13,  2013 | 24266 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2254 days
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Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

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Today’s News

Israel launches campaign to convince EU to rethink settlement boycott

Simply astounding that Israeli govt plans 2 debase public discourse w. paid student PR shills & no1 raises objections

Prime Minister’s Office recruiting students to wage online hasbara battles

Desperate move by the Israelis — Israel setting up “covert units” to tweet, Facebook gov’t propaganda

Al-Khoffash: “What Is Needed Is The Release Of All Detainees”

Arab MK attacks PA for ignoring prisoners from the 1948 territories

Netanyahu: Threat from Iran ‘dwarfs’ other challenges

▶ What #BibiLeftOut when he drew his Bomb 

Barhoum: Fatah provided Tunisian media with fabricated reports

Release Of 26 Detainees Initiated

PFLP (@PFLP_ps): Negotiations with Israel are “destructive and dangerous”

Hamas: Abbas does not have the right to relinquish any part of Palestine

The Jenin Freedom Theater’s production “The Island” is set in a prison and revolves around two Palestinian cellmates

Even without a #Palestine at all, #Israel will keep creating imaginary threats to defend/cover-up it’s expansionism …

Relatives of Palestinian prisoner Nihad await his return: 

Photo: “Erez crossing Palestinian waving flags as they wait to receive 15 prisoners freed from israeli jail”

Right wing zionists go nuts about release of prisoners.
While assassins of
Still walk around freely

24 days left! Al-Awda’s 11th Annual Right of Return Convention in Cleveland Ohio!
Sept 6-8 2013

“… prisoners would be freed between midnight and dawn on Wednesday to reduce scenes of joy among Palestinians…”:

VIDEO | RAW: Palestinian Prisoners Released in Israel

J Street Remains Silent on Netanyahu’s Settlement Drive

First round of Palestinian prisoners released by Israel

Hundreds await 11 Palestinian prisoners at Beitunia checkpoint,7340,L-4417435,00.html

Israel Frees 26 Palestinian Prisoners

Newly released Palestinian prisoners reach West Bank, Gaza checkpoints, await Israeli okay to cross

Washington, EU, Denounce New Israeli Settlement Plan

Hilarious. Arutz Sheva going ballistic over blue helmet- in WB – story

Israelis begin releasing 26 Palestinian prisoners

While #Israel releases 26:
IOF arrests 17 Palestinians across West Bank

First round of Palestinian prisoners released by Israel

What’s Behind Israel’s Failed Operation in South Lebanon

PHOTOS | Relatives await release of 26 palestinian prisoners

Police arrest fugitive in Bethlehem

‘US, Israel agenda must be exposed’ …

Nablus village prepares to welcome 2 veteran prisoners

Jalud settler attack: ‘Imagine if we were not in our homes, they would have destroyed them’

The battle for hearts and minds: Entry permits during Ramadan ~ by Haokets at

While #Israel’s squatters go freely, it’s warcriminals get honoured..
Right-wing Israelis protest prisoner release

Already in May 2011, Israel announced it was embracing itself for a WAR on TWITTER!

Israel hires students to be paid liars:
So 4 the occassion:
Guide for useful Hasbara idiots ~ by Prof. Ran Greenstein

Israel begins releasing Palestinian prisoners

Breaking: 14 Palestinian prisoners are being now transferred from Ayalon prison to Beit Hanoun crossing before…

VIDEO | Israel Announces 1200 New Settlement Units On Eve Of Peace Talks – Interview with @Moe_Diab

Palestine’s Refugees?
Living 65 years in camps now
Sustained by UN & Cohorts

IOF detains former minister of prisoners’ affairs

MSM also lacks to cover ethnic cleansing of Palestinians EVERY RED DOT ON MAP 1 Palestinian Town VANISHED from earth …

In the shadow of MSM buzzing (finally) over settlement construction:
UP TO 70.000 bedouin to be ethnic cleansed!

Read why
Scare the hell out of #Israel:

For who forgot:
From the US Archives ’91:
Israel’s 1967 Attack Was Aggression:Israel’s Current Occupation Is Illegal

Siren sounds in Israeli towns on border after blasts heard in Gaza; no rockets hit Israel (Haaretz)

VIDEO | Israel OK’s another 942 settlement units

VIDEO | US, Israel agenda behind talks with Palestinians must be exposed: Analyst

Dear journos, if you QUOTE current settlement construction as UNPRECEDENTED, you haven’t followed the REAL news!! …

VIDEO | Israel only buying time through talks with PA

Hamas describes resumption of peace talks as ‘absurd’

Hamas vows to liberate Jordanian prisoners

8 prisoners continue their hunger strike

Abbas asks Hamdallah to form new government

Army Kidnaps Two Brothers In Qalqilia: 30 Palestinians Kidnapped In Two Days The Solidarity Foundation for Hum…

Have  a look, Rami Hamdallah has been reappointed by Abbas to be Prime Minister …

And the Ramalalh charade continues.
Arab MK slams PA for exclusion of pre-1948 Palestine prisoners from forthcoming release

Army Kidnaps A Journalist Near Ramallah

Israel’s Everyday Racism — and How American Jews Turn a Blind Eye to It

Kerry: “New Settlement Plan Will Not Harm Peace”

So Americans who join @IDFSpokesperson for fun. U fight for the ‘state’ that helps financially cripple your country

One-third of prisoners included in Israel-Palestine release deal have almost completed sentences

Poll: 52% of Palestinian youth oppose Israel-PA negotiations

+972 interview with Al-Haq director Shawan Jabarin, ‘The occupation has no future’: …

Two years have passed since Patric passedk away.A truly inspirational man.

Russian company to invest $30 million in Bethlehem complex

Hamas Prohibits Celebrations Of Prisoners Release
Right b/ they were due 2 release in 1999(!)

PA forces arrest an Islamic preacher and summon another

‘Ten big media lies’ about Israel …

Former mossad assassin and warcriminal Livni insists that EU should not interfere in border issue

IDF video has men laughing as Palestinian is brutally killed

The Latest from Mondoweiss for 08/13/2013

Mépris total du droit international…
Nouvelles unités coloniales au sud de Naplouse

L’occupation israélienne exploite les négociations pour l’expansion des colonies

FPLP (@PFLP_ps): Les négociations avec l’occupation sont infructueuses et destructrice

Death squad evangelist Robert S. Ford appointed US ambassador in Cairo

215th Israel truce-violation: 8 Israeli bulldozers cross Gaza border fence, level lands

#GazaUnderAttack | Aug 13, 2013 | Full List of 215 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations

Pre-Oslo prisoners must be freed at once, says wife of jailed leader
Due 4 release since 1999

Not even a FLY can SHIT UNSEEN in Sinai, but Radio airs:
Israel intercepts Sinai rocket

Israeli racism and American Jewish hypocrisy

Russia denounces Israeli settlement expansion plans

Palestinian child arrested in Jerusalem

UJA Federation allocates $145.3 million to Judaize Jerusalem:

Israel approves additional 942 settler homes in east Jerusalem

IOF kill a man, wound another in Gaza

Hamas says peace talks ‘futile’

8 Palestinian detainees are still on hunger strike

Not only cleansing the living out.
When Israel’s Ethnic Cleansing of the Living is Not Enough

‘Israel OK’s 942 settlement units’

“Boycott Israel” activist banned from Toronto university (Nora Barrows-Friedman, The Electronic Intifada)

Morsi Is Not Arab World’s Mandela – a response to @TawakkolKarman by @HaniSabra and @Bassem_Sabry …

Video: We’re coming! Hezbollah places billboards at border with Israel

Talking about ‘provocation” 2006-2012 Israel violated Lebanon soverignty 20,865 TIMES

Targeted assassination of talks 
every time talks come near, it responds with real estate violence

Overview of 45 years of DOA orchestrated ‘Talks”
The NO-STATE-SOLUTION for Palestine …

Hamas renews rejection of ‘futile’ talks with Israel

“The decision [continued settlement building] is proof of Israel’s persistence and determination to derail the talks”

New Peace Talks, New Settlement Provocations — A Timeline

Israeli Settlers from Bracha Build Tents in Palestinian Land …

IOF Opens Fire at Palestinian Farmers and Injures One East of Gaza City

Prisoners, settlements raise tensions before Mideast talks

How Education Can Combat Israel’s Racism

VIDEO | Canada’s pro-Israel journalists seek to suppress anti-colonial discourse

Mohammed Kartoum was supposed to get married in Palestine this weekend. Instead, Israel deported him back to Chicago.

VIDEO | Israel reportedly preparing for war with Lebanon’s Hezbollah Movement

John Kerry insists Israeli settlements (warcrime by law) won’t derail Middle East peace talks

BREAKING: MK Hanin Zoabi may run for Nazareth mayor …

If she does Hiba Yazbek enters the Knesset …

Palestine skeptical of prisoners release

EU: Israel settlement approval illegal

Israeli troops abduct two organizers of ‘Youth Against Settlements’ in Hebron

Israeli violations of international & humanitarian law (25 – 31 July 2013): Shooting: During the reporting per…

They finally admit: Israeli army deadlier than Palestinians. 124 Israeli soldiers commit suicide in last 6 years

Read what the @UN have to say about #Prawer plan #StopPrawerPlan

US says Israeli settlement expansion expected

Spitting EU, UN, Russia etc etc in the face… Israel Approves (additional) 890 Units In Gilo Settlement

Egyptian coup leaders cracking down on Gazans: music to Israel’s ears!

EU Refuses to Fund Israel
After they were (?) sustaining them, read: Groundbreaking report:

How NY Times helps Israel milk prisoner release for emotional propaganda |

“Does any serious person believe Maale Adumim is not going to remain part of Israel?” says @MarkRegevPMO

Israeli forces arrest journalist from Budrus village

I Am Invisible – Because You Refuse to See Me

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

LIVE BLOG | Protests to #StopPrawerPlan Aug 1, 2013 – In Photos
Silenced by MSM
Even if 10.000’s to be ethnic cleansed


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