Howto lie yourself into a scholarship – Hasbara Style!


Aug 15, 2013 | by @occpal

While one must never lie on an application form,  Israel is now luring students with grants for it’s renewed hasbara (propaganda) campaign. Again.

Instantly pops up the question…..:

What the heck happened to the 1.6 Million USD they pumped in in 2011 to create the new media warriors???

Who Knows?

apologistsApparently AP doesn’t know neither. For echoed in the copy/paste culture of current ‘journalistic geniuses’ is written:

This is a groundbreaking project!!!

I can tell you it burned to the ground many times before.

For those following my story “Hasbara Goes WWW” know. If you didn’t read it, this storify compilation can be a nice reference for those who missed the real failures of hasbara in the mainstream media coverage.

Hit the buttons!

oopsAll buttons being pushed by Israel again to distort reality in the war on truth.

Admitted, this can be a one in a lifetime chance for paid hasbarats like Avi Mayer to finally get a paid education.

Avi, u have to push the “Apply”-button for that.

Just to make sure you don’t hit the wrong one! And again say “Oops!”

Maybe Israel could also invest these funds in teaching soldiers proper English.  For it becomes quite embarrassing (one tweet at a time!) if it’s soldiers abuse (other people’s) social media and do not know to utter over 2 words while hijacking a phone of one of the most eloquent tweeps online!

But it’s “Diplomacy” Stupid!

veritas_aequitas_white_by_scaludos-d368nqu.pngThe covert units-to be are part of Israel’s diplomacy.

Enlisting ‘recruits’ do not have to worry about telling lies on their résumé  to get employed as a paid liar, for in Israel’s top league of liars it happens continuously.

Until utter embarrassment and disgrace even, as  Israel’s Hasbara chief’s activity got suspended over anti-Japan Facebook comments you should not worry about your immoral companions in the team. There are many.

No Brain Required. Desired.

no_brains_tag_label_round_sticker-r7f1d1f6aec75491e83c5ab885ceec803_v9wth_8byvr_512Quite some contradictio in terminis that people granted with a brain prostitute their conscience for some shekels by insulting their own intelligence skills to deploy those synapses not to educate but to propagate according to the manual.

With ‘toolkits’ like the “We Believe in Israel” manual the recruits are instructed.

Disclaimer: Wear a diaper reading this for if you haven’t lost control of your own brain yet, it will flush itself while reading this!


rmx-the-art-of-trolling_o_479435Trolling propaganda recruits have proven in the past to one sole unique capacity: To ruin Israel’s reputation where no troll has ruined it before.

Not disturbed by any knoweldge of any facts and in the end of the day, resorting to insults, threats and despair the truth always wins.

Trolling is futile! :)

We’re looking forward to the new hasbara-class of 2013. Let’s just hope some of them have more convincing photoshop skills while editing Phillipine women in a bombshelter into more Ashkenazi looking ones than the current batch of paintshop-liars.  Soooo embarrassing!

Good luck to the winners of the grants. Know, We’ll be there to answer all your questions, counter all your vicious attacks, take the blessings of all your insults and in the end, render your efforts into a pathetic counter productive campaign. Some of us for the blessings. Some for the ‘lulz’ yet we do it for free. For truth and Justice for Palestine!

Mazal Tov!

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