A demonstration at al-Aqsa to protest massacres in Egypt

[ PIC 16/08/2013 – 04:52 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Thousands of worshipers demonstrated after the Friday prayers at the Aqsa mosque to protest the massacres committed by the Egyptian army against peaceful protesters in Cairo.

Participants in the demonstration raised the Egyptian flag and pictures of the elected president of Egypt Muhammad Morsi and chanted against the military junta which committed the massacres.

The Aqsa Imam, Dr. Ikrima Sabri, condemned the heinous massacres in Cairo saying: “It reminds us of the invasions by the Crusaders and the Mongols and Tatars and their beastly acts.”

He added that Egypt was facing a dangerous conspiracy and condemned those who supported the military coup against president Morsi stressing that those behind the coup are implementing a certain agenda and they do not represent the majority of Egyptian people.

In his Friday sermon, Sheikh Sabri also reminded of the burning of the Aqsa mosque on 21 August 1969, saying that this memory will always be a reminder of the dangers the Aqsa mosque has and still is facing.

He called for the return of the keys to Bab al-Magharebah gate which the Israeli occupation took from the department of Awkaf and religious affairs.


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