Palestine News | Aug 18, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 18,  2013 | 24271 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2259 days
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Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

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Today’s News

Despite recent improvements, Israeli government can do more for Gazans

Laborer dies at construction site in Ramallah

US aid to Egypt benifits Israel

Gaza rejoices in prisoner release but 5,000 Palestinians remain in israeli jails

Preventing freed prisoner Ala’ Al-Ali from entering the West bank for 6 months

Israel- Palestine: Sham Peace Talks Resume

Poverty in the IDF: Thousands jailed for financially-motivated desertion

JfJfP calls on Israel to recognise the property, dignity and equality of the Negev Bedouin

(Israel) deports 3 French citizens for being Arab, communist activists

Hamdallah, US Sign $148m Agreement to Support PA’s Budget

Jewish settlers desecrate Aqsa plazas

Family of missing man urges Jawwal to turn over call history

Abdullah Barghouthi faces critical health condition

Egyptian authorities partially open Rafah crossing

Fatah rally in Ramallah in support of Egypt’s Sisi

Israeli Government to Recruit Students as Undercover Agents on Social Media

Jewish Agency plans most exorbitant ‘pro-Israel’ campaign ever

Right-wing MK: Kerry is hypocrite

IOF soldiers round up 94 Palestinians last week

‘Palestinian presence frustrates Israel’

US to send $148 million to PA

Teachers’ union urges PA to meet demands

Israel- Palestine: Sham Peace Talks Resume

206 Palestinians detained in August: Detainees’ center

Israeli military order restrict entry of liberated Jerusalemite prisoner into WB

Israel, global cartels create Mideast crises: Analyst

Though silent, Israel remains worried by Egypt upheaval

Soldiers Invade Village Near Nablus, Kidnap 5 Palestinians

Abu Marzouk calls on Palestinians in WB to rebel against occupation

Interior Ministry asserts Palestinian-Egyptian borders are secured

Israeli military terrorise town of Beita – full day raid, three arrested

Witnesses: Israeli forces detain 2 teens in Nablus village

Abu Zuhri: We refuse any interference in Egyptian affairs

Palestinian child prodigy becomes doctor at age 20

Maariv: Palestinian officials met with Israeli in Hungary last week

Israeli-Palestinian Officials Meet In Budapest

(Israel) deports 3 French citizens for being Arab, communist activists

EU warns of ‘urgent review’ of Egypt ties failing end to violence

Haniyeh: Prisoners tops Palestinian resistance’s agenda (photo)

Palestinian posts Facebook bug report on Zuckerberg’s wall

Boycotts that aid the Palestinians ~ by @Benabyad

Israel starting attacks In May 2013 retaliates (?) after Syrian shells hit Golan Heights

#PalHunger | Detainees launch protest that will develop into open hunger strike  against administrative detention

#PalHunger | Red Cross (@ICRC) Concerned About Health Condition Of Striking Detainees

14 prisoners in serious condition due to severe medical negligence in Israel’s Ramlah Prison | @ICRC @PHR_IL

IMF arrests Palestinian , hands summon to others

Haaretz: “Absentee Property Law” approved to Judaize Jerusalem neighborhoods

Marches in Gaza in solidarity with Egyptian people

Gaza official: Palestinians unable to cross into Egypt

Hamas: PA security forces arrest 6 West Bank members

Three swimming Palestinians arrested off Gaza shores

Israel compels Jerusalemite to raze his own home

@BBC to censor violinist Nigel Kennedy’s statement about Israeli apartheid from TV broadcast

Bedouin man shot dead in Negev village

Center: administrative detainees to develop open hunger strike in Israeli jails

IMF arrests Palestinian , hands summon to others

I Am Invisible – Because You Refuse to See Me

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

LIVE BLOG | Protests to #StopPrawerPlan Aug 1, 2013 – In Photos
Silenced by MSM
Even if 10.000’s to be ethnic cleansed


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