25 Egyptian Policemen Executed in Sinai – Fingers Point at Israel

Kawther Salam | Aug 19, 2013

إسرائيل متورطة ومستفيدة من إغراق مصر في الصراعات الدموية

SanaiIsrael the jewish state is led by zionist extremists and religious parties which believe that God gave the jews all the territories from the Nile in Egypt to the Euphrates river in Iraq. The jews are not only interested in the Sinai Peninsula, from where they were expelled in 1979 after signing a peace treaty Egypt, but also in the Egyptian territories east of the Nile river.

If analyzed with this context in mind it becomes obvious that the only beneficiary of the recent clashes in Egypt is Israel, and the only beneficiary of the violence and heating up of societal conflicts in Egypt is Israel, which is directing these conflicts and atrocities directly and indirectly via its allies worldwide who are in positions of power and influence in politics, diplomacy, media, finance, etc.

At the current time Israel is keen to kindle conflicts in Egypt’s society by a variety of means, including its support in weapons, ammunition and money for terrorist militants from fundamentalist movements set up by the CIA and other western agencies. The jewish propagandists who own the international media are taking care to put heavy make-up on the face of israel to make it appear to the world as “human” eager to take care about its Egyptian neighbours.

Yesterday the Egyptian military killed at least 38 detainees who had been supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi. In order to heat up the already charged atmosphere between the two conflicting parties in Egypt, the zionists moved their terror gangs in Sinai to perpetrate a crime against the regime. The terrorists executed 25 Egyptian policemen and the crime was made to look as if it was in revenge to the previous killing of Muslim detainees by the regime.

Concurrently with this crime the zionist international media lunched a campaign in favour of Israel, emphasizing how the israeli diplomats around the world had “taken steps towards helping Egypt” and convincing the EU and other world leaders to “support the Egyptian army against the “devil” Muslims”.

The New York Times reported that israel is planning to “intensify its diplomatic campaign” urging Europe and the United States to support the military-backed government in Egypt. The paper said that Israeli ambassadors in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and other capitals would lobby foreign ministers. At the same time, leaders here will press the case with diplomats from abroad that the military is the only hope to prevent further chaos in Cairo.
The link between the hysteric propaganda in the favour of israel in the international media and the bloody crime in the Sinai desert was established by the same media, as it was explained immediately that the murder of these 25 policemen had been perpetrated in revenge of the death of the Egyptian detainees, before waiting for the results of even the most cursory investigation by Egyptian authorities, The only possible conclusion of this gaffe is that Israel itself is behind this vile terrorist attack against Egyptian police, with the ultimate intention of inflaming the animosities between different factions of Egyptian society.

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