During special session on US-sponsored negotiations PLC demands immediate PA withdrawal from peace talks

[ PIC 21/08/2013 – 01:54 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian legislative council (PLC) convened on Tuesday to discuss the decision taken by the Palestinian authority (PA) to resume its talks with the Israeli occupation regime.

The session was chaired by first deputy speaker of the PLC Ahmed Baher and attended by Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya and lawmakers.

Baher started the session with a speech condemning the shocking massacres that were committed against peaceful protestors and detainees by army soldiers and policemen in Egypt.

He stated that the persistence of the Egyptian army and police in their barbaric killing of civilians violate all divine and worldly laws and called on the international community to move to end the bloodshed in Egypt.

As for the Palestinian situation, Baher demanded the PA to withdraw immediately from its frivolous talks with the Israeli occupation, affirming that the peace process had proved over more than 20 years to be detrimental to the Palestinian cause.

Baher also urged the PA to give a free rein to the Palestinian resistance fighters to defend their people and confront Israel’s growing Judaization and settlement plans in the occupied territories.

He also called for executing the latest reconciliation understandings reached between the Palestinian rivals in Egypt in order to end the rift in the Palestinian arena and strengthen its internal front.

For his part, MP Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, head of the PLC’s political committee, read the report that was prepared by his committee about the resumed talks with the Israeli occupation regime.

Zahhar stated that the political committee of the PLC rejects any form of negotiations with the Israelis held outside the national consensus by de facto president Mahmoud Abbas.

He also highlighted the committee’s disapproval of what had been agreed upon between Abbas and US secretary of state John Kerry, and held the PA, Fatah and their leaders fully responsible for the consequences that would result from the concessions they intend to make on the Palestinian rights.

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