Palestine News | Aug 22, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 22,  2013 | 24275 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2263 days
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Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

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Today’s News

Will this ummah build an Islamic ‘wailing wall’
#AlAqsa is destroyed by zionists?

Sheikh Adeis warns: collapse of Al-Aqsa Mosque is close

Ashrawi Occupation Continuing Its Illegal Settlement Policies
Settling= A warcime by law:

#PalHunger | Former hunger striker Ayman Abu Daoud deported to Gaza Strip

Egypt’s Mubarak leaves jail for hospital under house arrest

PHOTO | This is NOT HaShoah (Holocaust)
These are Syrians, fleeing in 2013

Israel and Palestine agree on opening Beit Hanoun Crossing

Great news as world famous Malian singer Salif Keïta cancels his appearance in Israeli-occupied Palestinian…

Latest from the Chronicle | Baroud on Class Struggle | Falk on Genocide | Bahour on Kerry | Walberg on Color Coup…

YES: Diplomatic Flap Threatens E.U.-Israeli Research Ties 

The Wall: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters (@rogerwaters) Encourages Boycott Of Israel 

New updates on Hapoalim Bank’s involvement in the occupation.

BREAKING: Sirens sound and explosions heard in the northern cities of occupied Palestine near Nahariya and Acre.

Palestinians threaten action over Israel settlements

BREAKING: Two rockets launched from South #Lebanon’s Tyre towards #Israel, reportedly crashed on the outskirts of the border town of Alma

Before canceling, Salif Keita was due to perform in Jerusalem with Israel foreign ministry “goodwill ambassador” #BDS

Aqrabawi: Problems of the Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan must be resolved

MK Avigdor Lieberman: Israel ‘Not Inactive’ on Syria

Another ‘general’ inciting violence:
Former Israeli general calls for intensification of attacks on Al-Aqsa

Masked Men Attack A Journalist In Gaza

Israel behind Morsi’s ouster, Erdogan says

Palestine Solidarity Campaign PSC condemns BBC censorship | Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Two Palestinians killed in Syria refugee camp

Israel’s Crimes Against Christians

Christianity Brainwashed to fund Israel’s warmongering army-machine

We fight #Zionism
Not #Judaism
For who does not understand the difference

Israel’s crimes Against Jews 

Zionism is not of #Judaism!

Israel’s Crimes Against Africans 
(The best source on internet: @davidsheen’s website)

Egyptian army destroys more tunnels in Rafah area

All factions welcomed to take part in Gaza rule: Haniyeh

Special Forces are present in large numbers in the village of #Silwan and tax authorities harrass the booths’ and commercial stores’ owners

Action Group:  Basic materials are no longer available to the Palestinians in Syria

#PalHunger | Palestinian prisoners give IPS 48 hours to end isolation of Abu Sisi

Jordan crossing to operate 24 hours Thursday

NYT confirms what Dirar Abusisi & many other refugees hv found, that Ukraine betrays them & violates international law

Masked Men Attack A Journalist In Gaza: Media sources in Gaza has reported that a number of young masked men

Israel Law Center @ShuratHaDin threatens students in Sydney on their own Facebook event page

Israel Open The Karem Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) Crossing With Gaza To Allow Entry Of 370Trucks Into Gaza

Amazing how fast Israel is able to open the Gaza border when it lacks palm fronds for SukkahExample from 2011…

Letter (“Nigel Kennedy silenced”) from Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods in @telegraph today

Today in 2002:
2002 IOF demolished over 21 homes in /24 hours in Gaza Strip 450 Palestinians made homeless in a single IOF operation.

Today in 2003:
10.000’s poured into streets of Gaza to march in funeral procession for Ismail Abu Shanab of Hamas assassinated by Israel.

Today in 2005:
Abbas said he “hoped to persuade Palestinians peaceful dialogue was the way to statehood” (He still believes it)

Army Kidnaps Four Palestinians, Claim They Stole Automatic Rifles From The Military

Israeli forces detain Jerusalem 15 year old kid at Allenby Bridge

Daily zionist pogrom update – Nablus & Bethlehem: Four Palestinians kidnapped, Several Injured, In West Bank

Gaza Valley Faces Environmental Disaster

Document proves Amona outpost is Palestinian property

All Israeli massacres
And the largest of all:
The Silent Genocide

World would TREMBLE on it’s foundations
If @UNOCHA start honest reports
Due 2 #Israel policies

Genocide Trial against the State of Israel Adjourned

Third Round (Of 45 years of DOA orchestrated) Talks Held In Jerusalem

27 days remain before 45 cyclists from across the globe come together in Germany to cycle for a cause, #REACHGaza

PHOTO | No HaShoah (Holocaust)
These are Syrians, fleeing in 2013

Jordan to Trade Desalinated Water with Israel, Jordan Times Reports

Way 2 go #Jordan!
Trading water with those who literally dehydrate your brothers and sisters

Another Israeli Extremist Price Tag Attack Targets Christian Monastery Near Jerusalem

100 year old zionist bigot aka. former Israeli major general:
If we kill 500 in the Gaza Strip, they will calm down

Palestinians protest the Prawer Plan, which will forcibly displace tens of thousands from…

A Peek inside Kerry’s “Peace” Efforts or Propaganda?

Allegations of extreme violence in interrogation of Palestinian minors at “Etzion” Israel Police station in West Bank

Israeli forces demolish Palestinian homes

Open the Syrian border

Students forced to sign “civility” statements for walk-out protest …

Israeli, Palestinian police may form joint patrols

100-year-old Israeli general still eager to slaughter Arabs | @Intifada …

Bashar El-Assad has done it. What is Obama going to do?: By Khalid Amayreh – The latest reports from Damascu…

I Am Invisible – Because You Refuse to See Me

Jonathan Cook: Israel – Palestine: Once more into the peace process dead end

LIVE BLOG | Protests to #StopPrawerPlan Aug 1, 2013 – In Photos
Silenced by MSM
Even if 10.000’s to be ethnic cleansed


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