27 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria’s chemical attacks

[ PIC 24/08/2013 – 12:01 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– 27 Palestinian refugees, including children, were killed on Thursday in chemical attacks by the Syrian regime forces and their allies in the towns of Zamalka and Ma’adamiyat Al-Sham in Damascus countryside.

The action group for the Palestinians in Syria said that 18 Palestinians from the same family were among the victims that were killed in Zamalka.

The action group also reported the exposure of the refugee camps of Khan Al-Sheikh and Dar’ah to several projectile attacks during the same days, with no reported casualties.

Both camps still suffer from an acute shortage of vital needs, especially the food and medical supplies.

Al-Yarmouk refugee camp, however, witnessed a state of cautious calm amidst military overflights.

The action group also reported that Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk camp staged a protest outside Hamza Bin Abdul-Muttaleb Mosque in Arouba neighborhood to demand an end to the projectile attacks and the military blockade, which caused a life-threatening humanitarian crisis in the camp.

In Al-Husseiniyeh refugee camp, armed clashes took place between the free army groups and the regime forces, while the humanitarian situation gets worse every day as a result of the tight blockade.

The Syrian regime forces also reportedly closed the checkpoint of Al-Aidin refugee camp and barred the Palestinian refugees from going out or in.

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