PA goes Stasi-Style: Dozens of citizens arrested, summoned in wide PA campaign against Hamas

[ PIC 25/08/2013 – 09:58 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian Authority security forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign against members and supporters of the Hamas Movement, and summoned many others for interrogation in different West Bank areas.

According to local sources, the PA security forces arrested 10 Palestinian citizens because of their political affiliation with Hamas and summoned many others, including university students and ex-detainees in Israeli jails.

In Ramallah, the PA intelligence agency kidnapped a student at Birzeit university named Mohamed Mousa from his home in Beit Liqya village and another young man named Munder Alawi from his home in Deir Jarir village.

Alawi previously spent two years in Israeli jails and was exposed to several arrests by PA security apparatuses because of his affiliation with Hamas.

PA preventive security forces also kidnapped journalist Mohamed Al-Kiq from outside Al-Birah Mosque in downtown Ramallah after beating him severely with fists and batons.

Kiq was covering events during a march organized in Ramallah last Friday when he was assaulted. He works as a reporter for Al-Majd satellite channel and was a prisoner for three years in Israeli jails.

In Al-Khalil, the PA intelligence agency arrested a young man named Muhannad Ashour due to his participation in a march held on Friday in the city in solidarity with Egypt and Syria.

The intelligence also arrested an ex-detainee in Israeli jails named Jaafar Al-Qawasmi and took him to an interrogation center in Al-Khalil city.

Qawasmi spent more than six years in Israeli jails and was arrested several times by the PA security apparatuses because of his affiliation with Hamas.

In Nablus, the PA security forces kidnapped Sayed Qawariq, 21, after a violent raid on his home in Awarta village to the south of the city.

The PA preventive security also kidnapped a student at Al-Najah university and a member of the Islamic student bloc named Musaab Quzah from his home in the city.

Sheikh Ramadan Abu Jaafar, 45, was also kidnapped by the preventive security forces as he was leaving Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque, south of the city, after he finished his prayers at dusk.

In Tulkarem, the preventive security forces kidnapped another ex-detainee named Saleh Zeitawi, aged 37.

Zeitawi had been taken prisoner several times by the PA and Israeli security forces, and exposed to excruciating torture at the hands of PA security interrogators.

Several Palestinians, mostly university students, were also summoned for interrogation in different West Bank areas. Some of them refused to go for questioning.

Among those who received summonses and refused to be interrogated was a Palestinian lady named Iman Misk, and she is the sister of Izzuddin Misk, a martyred resistance fighter from Hamas.

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