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Aug 26, 2013 | Updated Aug 27, 2013

Rubin Ziad (32), Yunis Jahjuh (19), and Jihad Aslan (20) we’re killed after a raid of Qalandiya camp by Israeli undercover forces’ live fire of which medical stated dumdums were used. Over 40 others are wounded of which at least 6 are in critical condition. One former prisoner was  kidnapped:  Yousef Al-Khatib, 24 years old who according to reports to was the target of the IOF raid and arrest operation.


Aug 26 2013 The funeral of three martyrs in the Qalandiya refugee camp.Photo by WAFA

According to media report Israeli aggression has caused the death of 13 Palestinians in the west bank so far this year . In total at least 57 Palestinians have died this year due to Israel’s direct or indirect violence (excess death/avoidable mortality due to policies which is the most underestimated cause of death forming a true silenced genocide)

Raids like these are daily reality for West Bank as well as for Gaza which aside from media silence about occupation’s aggression, still continuously under attacks as Israel violated the cease fire agreement from November 2012 at least 221 times.

Due to the escalation and murder at Qalandiya, the Palestinian Authority suspended the peace negotiations, which are solely a distraction and decoy for the world’s eyes to hide what really is going on: The ongoing and shameless aggression, killings, daily assaults, land theft and total annexation of Palestinian land with Israel proves it has no intention for withdrawal nor peace at all. (The Facts: Silenced by Media)

While the PA is wasting time on DOA orchestrated “negotiations”, Israel spits in the face of all those condemning it’s (war crime of ) settling, continues it’s impunity AND expansion with aid of an authority which even considers joint police patrols with Israel, neglecting to protect Palestinians themselves against the ongoing atrocities. At least it failed again to protect residents of a refugee camp displaced within their own country of getting killed.  Their names added to the victims of one of Israel’s numerous massacres to be silenced by media, to stay unpunished by the nations which by their silence and inaction enable Israel to continue it’s quest for the Greater Israel.

Palestinians have called for a day of rage and Hamas has called for resistance.  Resistance. Which is an absolute right by law.

Like usual, global outrage stays out. How many more Palestinians need to be massacred before this world decides Israel’s drift for colonial expansionism at all cost. Show your condemnation of these silenced crimes by sharing this news to create awareness and call for an end to this violent occupation.

This post will be updated continuously

Below a  report by Ma’an News and video’s of the pogrom at Qalandiya

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) Published (updated) 26/08/2013 19:20

234913_345x230[1]Israeli undercover forces killed three Palestinians overnight Sunday in Qalandia refugee camp in Ramallah, locals said.

Robin al-Abed, 32, was shot in the chest and died instantly, medics said. Younis Jihad Abu al-Sheikh Jahjouh, 22, was also shot dead.

Jihad Asslan, 20, died Monday morning from his injuries after being pronounced brain dead at a Ramallah hospital.

All three men were killed when Israeli forces opened fire on a crowd during clashes with camp residents following an arrest raid.

At least 15 Palestinians were injured by live fire, with six said to be in a critical condition. Most of the injured were shot in the head, chest and upper body, medics said.

Mohammad Abed Badran, Mohammad Mteir, Abdo Mteir, Ali Adawi, and Samer al-Mansour were identified as some of those wounded.

Witnesses told Ma’an that Israeli forces dressed in civilian clothes raided the camp at around 5 a.m. and arrested recently released prisoner Yousef al-Khatib, who had spent 10 years in an Israeli jail.

Dozens of camp residents quickly surrounded Israeli forces, who opened fire.

Another Israeli military patrol then entered the camp.

Abbas’ spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeinah strongly condemned the incident, calling it a crime against the Palestinian people. The killings show Israel’s true intentions towards the peace process, he added, calling upon the US to intervene and prevent peace efforts from failing.

Caretaker Palestinian Authority prime minister Rami Hamdallah also condemned the crime and sent condolences to the victims’ families.

An Israeli police spokeswoman said that border police used “riot dispersal means” to disperse a stone-throwing crowd of 1,500 people, but she could not immediately confirm any fatalities or the use of live fire.

“In the early hours of the morning a border police team went into Qalandiya camp to arrest a hostile terrorist activist,” spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP.

“After his arrest a mob of about 1,500 residents began a disturbance, throwing petrol bombs and stones, endangering the lives of force members, who responded with riot dispersal means,” she said. (end of report by Ma’an)

Allison Deger reports at Mondoweiss:

After Qalandia killings, shops close in Jerusalem and Ramallah, and Al Aqsa brigade members brandish AK-47s

Funerals for the three Palestinians killed earlier today in an Israeli incursion into Qalandia refugee camp were over by morning’ s end, but ten hours later the clashes continued. Robin Zayed, Younis Jahjouh and Jihad Aslan died from live-fire and another 19 were wounded.

DSC 5740
Road leading from Ramallah to Jerusalem, closed by Palestinians from Qalandia refugee camp. (Photo: Allison Deger)
DSC 5726
Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades marching in Qalandia.

Tensions remained high all day. By afternoon refugees strategically blocked driving access to the main road between Ramallah and Jerusalem, a road that runs through the center of the Qalandia refugee camp and is the only way to reach the main checkpoint out of the West Bank into Jerusalem.

Acting as traffic directors, youths from the neighborhood told drivers where to leave their cars, and sent those on their way to Jerusalem and Israel through a cramped back road. The street was cleared because an impromptu parade was forming behind two members of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades who fired rounds from AK47s diagonally into the sky. The masked gunmen were within eye- and earshot of another armed group of young men, the Israeli military.

After the gun salute the youths quickly escaped into the narrow paths leading to Qalandia refugee camp. Once the armed duo re-entered the limited protection of their community in Area C of the West Bank, where the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have full security control, another set of youngsters linked arms and forbade outsiders from breaching the eastern part of the refugee camp.

DSC 5753
Palestinians youths duck behind mattress during clashes with the Israeli military.
DSC 5751
Palestinian youths clash with the Israeli military at Qalandia checkpoint.

Meanwhile, based at the checkpoint, the Israeli military fired tear gas and rubber bullets at Palestinians who threw stones. In the background, more rounds from Al-Aqsa Brigades could be heard. It was not a typical confrontation; normally the main artery between the West Bank and Jerusalem is chaotic sea of travelers, who continue even as clashes progress. But on this occasion the checkpoint was a landscape of pedestrians, the metal gates of closed shops, and columns of black smoke from burning tires. Elsewhere in Jerusalem and in Ramallah, the economic centers were shut down– a throwback to national mourning days from the time of the second Intifada.

Witnesses from Qalandia told Al-Quds that the three Palestinians killed were not involved in the morning clashes. Roused by the militarized commotion, they’d gone out to see what was going on and were felled by indiscriminate fire from Israeli forces.

Often incursions into West Bank localities take place between 2 and 4 am. Soldiers can infiltrate and exit a camp, or even a city, undetected, making arrests before sunrise. According to the IDF Spokesman’s office an initial group of eight border police accessed Qalandia in order to arrest one man, a recently-released prisoner.

However, the Israeli human rights group B’tselem offered a different version of the incursion: that the army did not enter the camp with Jeeps until 6 am, staying for at least one hour.

Witnesses said the first group of Israeli police wore civilian clothes. It wasn’t a quiet operation. “An undercover Israeli special forces unit stormed Qalandia Refugee Camp and blew the door of the family home of Yousf al-Khatib,” the man the police were seeking to arrest, reported Al-Quds. The blast awoke many in the camp who then pelted Israeli officers with furniture, stones and firebombs. At that time an army unit was deployed to “aid other security forces.” It was these supporting soldiers who “used live fire,” said a representative from the IDF spokesman’s office, adding “this was not a raid.”

“Large violent crowds,” said IDF Col. Peter Lerner, “which significantly outnumbered security forces leave no other choice but to resort to live fire in self-defense.” The spokesman’s office added that an investigation into the deaths has been ordered. “At this early stage,” said B’tselem, which is also conducting its own investigation, “it appears that the stone-throwing was more massive today as the security forces remained in the camp until around 6:45 am, a busy hour on the street.”

Qalandia 01
Shops closed in Ramallah for a day of mourning, after three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces.

Back in Ramallah, the heart of Palestinian political life, the stores are still closed as nightfall approaches. The de-facto capital is protesting, and so is the leadership. After the three from Qalandia were killed, the Palestinian Authority announced negotiations planned to take place today in Jericho with Israeli officials had been cancelled.


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Aug 28, 2013

More Photography

Photo by Ma’an News Agency
Photo by Ma’an News Agency

Photo by Ma’an News Agency

Photo by Ma’an News Agency

Photo by Ma’an News Agency

Photo by Ma’an News Agency

Aug 26 2013 Thousands citizens mourn the martyrs of the Qalandiya refugee camp

Photo by PalToday

Aug 26 2013 – Martyrdom of three young men from Qalandia refugee camp Ikilled by sraeli bullets at dawn 

Photos by PalToday

Aug 26 2013 – The funeral of three martyrs in the Qalandiya refugee camp

Photos by WAFA

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