PA forces arrest 5 of Hamas supporters, summon 6 others in WB

[ PIC 27/08/2013 – 02:28 PM ]

WEST BANK, (PIC)– The PA forces have continued arrest and summon campaigns in West Bank provinces against Hamas supporters and members.

Four members of Hamas movement have been arrested in Nablus and al-Khalil including a martyr’s son and summoned two others in al-Kahlil and Qalqilya including the son of a leader in Hamas movement after serving several years in Israeli and PA jails.

In al-Khalil, the PA preventive security arrested the liberated prisoner Noor Shaker al-Atrash after being summoned to its headquarters.

PA intelligence service summoned the liberated prisoner Mounir Qoukas, knowing that he spent ten years in Israeli jails.

For its part, Islamic bloc confirmed that the student Mahmoud Ahmeidat, held in PA jails for two weeks, was transferred to hospital after serious health deterioration.

The PA intelligence continued to arrest the student at Birzeit University Samer Al-Masri for the fourth day in a row, knowing that he is a liberated prisoner and former political prisoner.

In Nablus, PA preventive service arrested a young man and extended the arrest of a liberated prisoner for 15 days.

In a related context, the preventive service arrested the student Osama Halawa after storming his house and summoned Qusay Maraba from Qalqilya.

Meanwhile, Wasfi Qubaha, a leader in Hamas movement, denounced Fatah-controlled PA plans to use force in undermining Hamas’s rule in Gaza.

The former Minister of Prisoners Affairs Qubaha warned of PA and Fatah movement’s plans to trigger war of attrition in Gaza Strip.

Declaring the Gaza Strip as a rebel territory is a direct declaration of war against the Palestinian people, he said.

In the same context, Qubaha said that PA repressive measures against Hamas supporters aim at pressuring the movement to respond to Fatah’s conditions.

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