Palestine News | Aug 27, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Aug 27,  2013 | 24280 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2268 days
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Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

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Today’s News

EU warns firms & businessmen of dealing with Israeli settlements products

My two cents on the war drums in #Syria ~ by @zeinobia

UNBELIEVABLE: MSM berzerk about Google’s Palestine hack, while Israel hijacks whole of #Palestine & all silenced

“Israel forced me to destroy my own house, says Jerusalem father”

IPPNW: Israel’s nuclear activities in the Negev contaminate the air all the year

Nabil Fahmi: you are persona non grata in Palestine ~ by Khalid Amayreh

TA approves building 1500 new illegal settlements in East al-Quds
Settling= A warcime by law

Jewish settlers slash car tires, tag walls in Jerusalem “price tag” attack

Palestinian schools in Negev region closed in General Strike

#PalHunger | IPS still procrastinates in ending Abu Sisi’s solitary confinement

NO “Tikun Olam” whatsoever:
Price Tag Extremists Puncture Tires Of Ten Cars In Jerusalem

Professor targeted by UK’s Israel lobby cleared of bias | @AsaWinstanley 

How Obama’s grand strategy for MidEast failed

While PA arrests perfume salesman & shoots to death a Palestinians: Israeli, & PA negotiators met in Jericho

PHOTOS | Thousands of Palestinians stranded on both sides as Rafah border restrictions remain

Jonathan Cook: Israel seeks to pit Christian Arabs against Muslims in a cruel clash

Hackers deface Google Palestine, demand Israel removed from maps

The Jordan Valley in a State of Palestine – Middle East Monitor

Israel: US Decision to Strike Syria Made Within Hours

Vatican blasts West over plans to attack Syria

Social Activist Kidnapped By The Army At Erez Terminal

PA security kills 37 year old Amjad Odah In Askar Refugee Camp

Benjamin Netanyahu ‘losing trust’ in Israel chief negotiator Tzipi Livni

Police seize overloaded bus in Bethlehem

Erekat meets Livni after Qalandia killings while B’Tselem demands an investigation

Hamas leader calls for other parties to participate in management of Gaza

Fatah rejects Hamas offer to participate in Gaza government – @MiddleEastMnt

Following right-wing attacks, museum seeks to cancel Right of Return Conference

Over 50,000 Syrian refugees cross into Iraq in two weeks

In photos: Palestinian resilience at Israeli checkpoints and walls

Vancouver bus ad campaign raises awareness of “Disappearing Palestine” #BDS #Israel

Israelʼs new tactic: Classifying Eritreans as Ethiopian to deport them

Youth activist arrested at Erez crossing point

Tel Aviv to Lake Wobegon: My heart is in the East – A must read by @AmiKaufman

HRW urges Israel to end demolitions

Urge? Settling is a warcrime by law

PA’s ego writes cheques #Palestine can’t cash:
Fatah: “painful decisions” if Hamas rejects elections

Dozens of Israeli conscripts storm Aqsa Mosque

Humans Rights Watch: Israeli army displaced at least 79 Palestinians with unlawful demolitions since 19/8 

By 2016 Gaza will not have safe drinking water!

Clashes Take Place In Different Parts Of West Bank

Hamas: Surrendering RoR high treason

Zionist terror “Price tag” gangs vandalize Jerusalemites’ properties

PLO cancels Jericho peace talks over Qalandia deaths

Addameer to PLO: stop negotiations until there is change in policy- end arrests, detention and violence #Occupation

Israeli forces demolish Negev home

Settling is still a warcrime by law but Israeli minister Uri Ariel declares a new settlement in WB

Israeli ambassador compares Palestinian prisoners to mass killer Breivik, gets an earful. …

Israel: US Decision to Strike Syria Made Within Hours 

Israelis scurry for masks after Syria gas attack

Dozens of young men wounded during clashes with Israeli troops south of Jenin

PA forces arrest 5 of Hamas supporters, summon 6 others in WB

Occupation of #Palestine has caused 57 people martyred. This year only.Their names and stories

UN: “excessive use of force by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians in refugee camps”, 4 killed since 18/8 …

Wife of kidnapped Palestinian engineer Dirar Abu Sisi holds Gaza press conference via

Gaza court issues death penalty to convicted collaborator

#PalHunger | Palestinian hunger strikers in serious condition

Daily zionist pogrom update: IOF soldiers nab seven Palestinians including two brothers

Israeli forces detain teen in Beit Ummar

DFLP (@DFLPalestine) demands PA to join int’l criminal court to prosecute Israel for its crimes

Jewish Peer Attacks Violinist for Israel Apartheid

Hacking Google Palestine

Negev activist: Prison better than displacement

Israeli extremists puncture tires of 6 cars in Jerusalem

Israel plans to build 396 housing units in Jerusalem

French girl attempts suicide after ‘veil attack’

Russia: Strike on Syria can have ‘catastrophic consequences’

Killing of three Palestinians from Qalandiya triggers clashes in Al-Khalil

Where’s division inside the Knesset, Tzipi sees a chance for her personal PR!

Dutch government advises firm to pull out of East Jerusalem sewage plant | by Adri Nieuwhof (@steketeh)

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

IOF arrests Hamas leader Mazen Abu Natsheh

The mother of Jihad Aslan mourns during his funeral at Qalandiya Refugee Camp near the West Bank city of Ramallah…

Seriously….. Abbas set to announce election date

Israeli minister says Oslo and Palestinian state are dead

Israel to be first victim of war on #Syria’

“The Qalandiya checkpoint literally wrecks lives. We used to call it that, the “life-wrecker,” me and another…

‘Freedom shock’ after 23 years in Israeli prison

Gaza families visit relatives jailed in Israel

Mosque tear gassed, olive tree set ablaze: Summer protests in the West Bank

‘Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem is a direct blow to peace efforts’ say Palestinian leaders …

Teachers brave violence to run classes for Palestinian children in Syria

IPPNW: Israel’s nuclear activities in the Negev contaminate the air all the year

Vandals strike East Jerusalem neighborhood in apparent ‘price tag’ attack …

Israel has granted oil exploration rights inside Syria, in the occupied Golan Heights

Palestinian man dies in Egypt prison

15 Molotov Cocktails Hurled at Israeli Checkpoint, 7 Palestinians Arrested

Jewish extremists enter Al-Aqsa compound

Palestinian Authority Tightens Grip on Hamas in West Bank

Israeli group publishes report over violation of Palestinian rights

Palestinian activists hack Google homepage

Hacking Google Palestine …

UNRWA Condemns the Killing of UN Staff Member in the West Bank

Settlers Puncture Tires of 10 Vehicles in Occupied Jerusalem 

MK Sarsour: PA chose to stand with Egypt’s military coup

Alternative Information Center (AIC) – ACT! Demand release of Ahmad Qatamesh

WATCH: Border Police target progressive Tel Aviv cafe in late-night raid

Dean of administrative detainees re-arrested after 5 months of release

Live Blog – Photos – Videos | Israel assassinates three Palestinians in Qalandia

Israel Kill Three Palestinians in Coordination With PA

Three killed in Qalandiya: Protests spread across West Bank

Israeli forces raid Jenin area village, clash with residents

Dutch government urges local firm to cancel East Jerusalem project

Mohammed Assaf – Arab Idol 2013 | Palestine Online Store …

„Royal HaskoningDHV stapt uit Israëlisch project na waarschuwing”

British Christians Denounce Balfour Declaration, Claiming “it’s One of the Greatest Mistakes in History”

Jerusalemite lives with his five children in cave

Hamas calls for ending incitement against Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees …

While Israel kills 3 and PA keeps ‘talking’ it’s security arrests man for selling perfume

Palestinian Liberation Organization accuses Israel of double-standards

Today in History of Palestine | Aug 27, 2001 Abu Ali Mustafa, the General 2001: Secretary of @PFLP_ps was assassinated by an Israel

Social Activist Kidnapped By The Army At Erez Terminal

Yitzhak Pundak, participated in ethnic cleansing of Palestine, honored with promotion by Israel army at age 100

Egypt allows construction material to enter Gaza

Typical how MSM buzzes about alleged chemical weapons while:
▶ Israel’s Weapons are A Crime on Humanity for decades

Cyber war against Israel have taken very dangerous turn ~ The Hackers Media™ [ THM ]

Israeli Write Racist Graffiti On Palestinian Home In Jerusalem

Israeli group publishes revelatory report

Obama’s Plan of Attack for Syria …


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