VIDEO | Soldiers on patrol dance at Palestinian wedding, get suspended by IDF

+972 Magazine by Noam Sheizaf

One of the more bizarre incidents of the week: Soldiers in Hebron entered a Palestinian wedding while on patrol – apparently they heard the sound of PSY’s “Gangnam Style” from outside – and started dancing with the crowd, which seemed to enjoy the spectacle. After the inevitable Youtube clip surfaced, the entire patrol got suspended. An openly horrified report on Channel 2 stated that the wedding’s guests were “from a known Hamas family,” no less.

Here’s the video. What do you think?

(End of report by +972Magazine)

Here’s how Israel’s Channel 2 ‘blew up’ the ‘incident’….

They finally admitted it!

Of course you all know Israel’s propaganda about threats, for even suicides are deadlier than Palestinians in real life…

  • Israeli army deadlier than Palestinians. 124 Israeli soldiers commit suicide in last 6 years – Source
  • Read here why YOU don’t & won’t read nor see it in your media – by occpal
  • So you won’t see the incidental “nice face” but definitely not the real face of the IOF – by occpal

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