Captive Awab Mubarak subjected to Israel’s physical and psychological torture

[ PIC 31/08/2013 – 03:33 PM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– Captive Awab Ahmed Mubarak, 20-year-old, has been and still is subjected to physical and psychological torture in the Israeli interrogation centers, Tadamun Foundation said.

The researcher at the foundation, Ahmad al-Beitawi, said on Saturday that Awab has been subjected to continuous interrogation for 20 hours per day, adding that he was forced to offer prayers while tied to a chair.

The foundation’s lawyer Mohammed Abed visited Mubarak three times during the past two weeks. Abed quoted Mubarak as saying that he was subjected to severe beating during his arrest on August 4, 2013, in addition to verbal and physical insults during interrogation.

He pointed out that the captive was exposed to cold air for long hours before being held in a hot cell causing him sharp bone and joint pains.

The Israeli interrogators have also threatened him of arresting his father, a deputy in the Palestinian Legislative Council, and claimed that the lawyers refused to defend him because of his difficult issue.

Al-Beitawi pointed out that the Israeli interrogators used to fabricate such lies in order to undermine the prisoner’s spirits. In one such incident, they claimed that his family was subjected to a car accident, he added.

The researcher affirmed that Awab’s health condition has dramatically deteriorated where he lost more than 7 Kg of his weight in less than two weeks.

The Israeli interrogators’ questions mainly focused on the funeral of Awab’s brother who died in America two months before Awab’s detention during an armed robbery.

Awab, a student at the Faculty of Law at Abu Dis University in Jerusalem, is supposed to stand trial in Ofer Court on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Israeli authorities prevented on Saturday some prisoners detained in Jalama detention center from meeting with their lawyers.

The Israeli intelligence service deliberately prevent the prisoners from meeting with their lawyers during the interrogation period in order to extract forced confessions, the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said.

Preventing the prisoners from meeting their lawyers violates the international laws particularly the III and IV. Geneva Conventions, the PPS added.

The human rights center stressed that the Israeli judiciary gave a legal cover to the Shin Bet and Israeli intelligence’s violations to the international laws.

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