Palestine News | Sept 2, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Sept 2,  2013 | 24286 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2274 days
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Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

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Today’s News

Water authority warns of imminent environmental disaster in Gaza

US miscalculation on Syria disastrous’

Les accords d’Oslo, 20 ans après : le webdocumentaire

Watch this: …
Than read: 

Scenes from Kafr Qaddoum weekly demo against Israeli occupation, colonies and closure 

Israeli forces demolish Jericho home, assault residents

Hezbollah mobilizes forces over Syria

Beersheba kindergartens on strike

An education in inequality for East Jerusalem’s children

So #Germany sez Sarin was used on Assad’s command. Shame on u world. Remember?
In meanwhile another 85000 got killed

German intelligence concludes sarin gas used on Assad’s command – reports 

Les Palestiniens à Beyrouth: nous refusons toute agression sur un tel pays arabe

Vallée du Jourdain: l’occupation démolit une maison et un bidonville

Aid? ▶ Palestine needs HumanRights! 

A Must watch Video: DONOR OPIUM 

King Abdullah donates 200 MN $$ aid to Palestine

New Doc Jazz (@Docjazzmusic) song:  Al Jeel Al Jadeed !

Egyptian army demolishes homes, tunnels along Gaza border

PA civil servants to join rally against intervention in Syria

Israeli soldiers beat women resisting home demolition

MP Bahar calls on Egypt to open Rafah crossing permanently

Nimitz carrier moves into Red Sea

You can slaughter men women and children.
You will pay. You will pay in the court You will pay in the streets and most important you will pay in the next life.

VIDEO | Stanley Cohen (@StanleyCohenLaw) speaking at The Meeting for Justice in Egypt

But NO sound on
#Israel’s chemical arsenal/abuse
| Starve Them
| Shoot Them
| Give Them Cancer×2

Palestinian factions in Beirut: We reject any aggression on any Arab country

Rocket attacks against Israel: Three people face charges in Lebanon

Resource: The failing East Jerusalem education system

Israeli TV broadcasts operetta that hails Egyptian military coup

Hamas denies Egyptian claims of destroying Qassam gunboats

Hamdallah to start international trip seeking financial support

Russian Developer To Help Palestine Introduce Electronic Money – TechWeekEurope UK

Suez Canal Chief: We cannot ban passage of U.S. warships

Occupation Uproots Lands To Build Settlement Units In Salfit

Abbas: There is no military solution in Syria

Video: Thousands protest over possible military action against Syria

Russia: US strikes on Syria risk sinking peace talks

Saudi gives $200MN to protect Palestinian cities from Israeli infringements
But = TOTALLY INACTIVE in stopping Israel!

Egypt coup enters second phase: the overthrow of Hamas

Ashrawi meets newly-appointed Spanish ambassador

A Palestinian mother hides her shame in-front with an IDF soldier invading her home.

Palestinians fleeing Syria denied entry into Lebanon

Egyptian analyst warns Palestinian factions of Sisi’s provocations

IOA orders Palestinian citizens to stop building their homes

America’s Covert War against Christians in the Middle East

Israel issues stop-work orders to 4 Hebron homes

Israeli proposes law equalizing labor rights between women in West Bank & those in Israel. It applies to Jews only. …

IOF soldiers nabbed 61 Palestinians in one week

Egypt after military coup… from Free trade zone to buffer zone

Israeli occupation forces suppress march against settlers’ attacks in al-Khalil

Ayyash: Conditions of Gaza’s fishermen worsened

Official: Israeli, Palestinian negotiators to meet Tuesday

Group: Education system failing in East Jerusalem

France lawmakers ‘to see proof Syria regime behind attack’

Israeli military detonates bombs along Gaza border

Criminal Israeli occupation forces have arrested 30 Palestinian children during  2nd half of August

Egyptian army destroys 6 houses in the Egyptian city of Rafah

Israeli Soldiers Kidnap A Palestinian In Hebron

Soldiers Kidnap Twelve Palestinians In Bethlehem

A stranded Palestinian heading for medical treatment in #Norway cries for

Newspapers Review: Dailies Continue to Focus of Syria – WAFA

Israeli forces detain 15 in West Bank arrest raids

Students campaign to expel Dahlan from UAE

Israeli bulldozer hit by landmine east of Gaza city

Daily zionist pogrom update – Sept 2, 2013: IOF soldiers nab 15 Palestinians including teenagers

Sewage Hits drinking water in the refugee Camp of Shati

Britgov granted export licenses for sarin gas precursors to Syria in 2012 …

223rd Israeli truce violation: IOF bulldozer, army vehicles target eastern Gaza

Israel injects JEWISH “black” migrants w/ depo-provera so they won’t get offspring?

VIDEOS: 3-part interview with @assaf_refugees spokesperson Orit Marom about Israel’s war on African asylum-seekers ~ by David Sheen

PFLP-GC says it will resist military action in Syria

Israeli military courts extend detention of 38 Palestinians …

Extending the arrest of 4 Jerusalemites and the release of another

PHOTO – Israel high court room overflowing for hearing on #FiringZone918 (Photo: SOS Firing Zone 918)

Egypt taking steps to undermine Hamas+destroying tunnels in Gaza, lifeline for 1.7M Palestinians, to ensure Gaza will go back under PA rule

Now #US admits to using white phosphorus against #iraqis in fallujah and we know #israel used white phosphorous…

Hussain Abdel Jawwad Photography

Saudi Arabia calls for US war in Syria

Video: Egyptian regime blowing up houses in Rafah, Egypt, that have tunnels to Rafah, Gaza in them …

#PalHunger | Gaza prisoner ends his hunger strike in return for eye operation

Michel Warschawski: Barack Obama is a coward – uvda! #Syria 

Israel Arrests 6 Palestinian Minors from Bethlehem

Hamdallah expects 2nd release of prisoners in September

US strike on #Syria to throw back intl. peace talks a long way – Lavrov

Israeli forces raid village after gunfire targets settler car

Until death follows

An overview:

Egypt’s Morsi to stand trial for ‘inciting murder’

VIDEO | Israeli troops raid Jenin refugee camp, fire on Palestinians

5 injured in clashes near Ramallah (Ma’an News Agency)

Two new tunnels exposed under Al-Aqsa Mosque

Today is the crucial discussion in the Israeli Supreme Court regarding the future of many Palestinian villages in…

Gaza crisis deepens as Egypt closes border and tunnels

Government: Buffer Zone not between neighboring countries

Frail economy further challenges for Gaza youth

Reports: Egypt mulls Gaza buffer zone

MdM Launches Project to Address Impact of Settlers’ Violence on Mental Health of Nablus Residents 

PA forces clash with gunmen in Tubas refugee camp

Israeli military courts extend  detention of 38 Palestinians

Stocks of vital medicines hit zero as Egypt, Israel tighten Gaza siege

Military action in Syria only serves Israel

Obama Will Launch a Huge Propaganda Blitz — and May Attack Syria Even If He Loses the Vote in Congress …

The awkward moment when a zionist troll denies claims cuz it’s not on wikipedia while you give them 74 sources…

Wealthy Widow Pouring Millions into Teach for America, Promoting a Pro-Israel Agenda to Children


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