Palestinian factions in Beirut: We reject any aggression on any Arab country

[ PIC 02/09/2013 – 03:59 PM ]


BEIRUT, (PIC)– The leadership of Palestinian factions and popular committees in Beirut has declared rejection of the planned American strike against Syria.

The leadership in a statement on Monday refused any attack on any Arab country and called on all Syrians to agree on a peaceful solution to their problem that would preserve Syria’s security, stability and role in the region.

It affirmed that all factions would continue confronting “Zionist occupation”, rejecting settlements, protecting Jerusalem, and demanding freedom for all Palestinian prisoners.

The leadership stressed the importance of maintaining security and stability of the Palestinian community in Lebanon and protecting Lebanese-Palestinian relations.

Still living in fairy-tale-land about Israel?

Time to wake up: The Map of the “Greater Israel” even is hammered on the currency:

All facts at Storify continuously updated. Read what Israeli ‘leaders’ have said and done even before (peace) talks and how their actions contradict the reality and ugly facts which they try to hide from you:

You can forget all details.
Save yourself time.
It is only about Ethnic Cleansing
of Palestine

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…

The No-State Solution for Palestine

The facts. Mainly Israeli sources. Continuously updated

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