Palestine News | Sept 3, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Sept 3,  2013 | 24287 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2275 days
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Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

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Today’s News

Military action in Syria only serves Israel

Obama Will Launch a Huge Propaganda Blitz — and May Attack Syria Even If He Loses the Vote in Congress …

IOF troops enter southern Gaza amidst indiscriminate firing

IOF soldiers raze house in JV

Hamas: threatening Gaza is useless

Limited incursion east Deir El-Balah in central Gaza

Several Palestinians suffocated during clashes in Jenin

Palestinian, Israeli negotiators meet for talks

Ahrar Denounces Kidnapping Of Former Detainee

IOF Kidnap 10 Palestinians from Al Khalil & Bethlehem

Several Palestinians Injured Near Jenin

Netanyahu postpones voting on labor law in West Bank Settlements

Report: 100 Palestinians kidnapped in Al-Khalil last August

Israel to close Kerem Shalom crossing for Jewish holiday

Israeli TV broadcasts operetta that hails Egyptian military coup

UN: More than two million refugees have fled Syria

Israel issues order to close road near Bethlehem

Israel to close Ibrahimi Mosque to Palestinians for two days

Jordan condemns Israeli building on Al-buraq yards adjunct to Al-aqsa Mosque

Israel approves plan to bring 300,000 new residents to Negev and Galilee

Israel arrests Palestinian preacher over “incitement”

#GazaUnderAttack | Sept 3, 2013 | Full List of 224 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

Gaza Officials: Egypt Crackdown Causes Fuel Crisis – ABC News

Israelis arrest Shaikh Raed Salah in Jerusalem

Palestinian refugees in Lebanon protest against UNRWA

Israeli writer: We used internationally-prohibited weapons, left unpunished

US rejects Mediterranean missile launch

Barghouthi: “Talks With Israel Only Lead To A Mirage”

A press conference in Jerusalem titled “Towards the spring of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa”

Danon Warns Netanyahu over ‘Peace’ Deal

A series of arrests in Jerusalem…. And ordering young men to stay away from Al-Aqsa

Israel arrested Shiekh Raed Salah

Israel issues order to close road near Bethlehem (Ma’an News Agency)

Group: 7 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

‘Israel should be bigger’ – Gentile Zionist journalist Julie Burchill makes headlines

Egypt coup enters second phase: the overthrow of Hamas

Army Invades Khan Younis

The awkward moment when a zionist troll denies claims cuz it’s not on wikipedia while you give them 74 sources…

Sentencing three Jerusalemites from Silwan

Collective punishment as Israel closes Ibrahimi Mosque for Jewish new year

Hello @ReedFP your report about #Israel grant #US oil rights in #Syria is out of date: It happened in febr 2013

Daily zionist pogrom update – Sept 2, 2013:  Israeli Assaults and Arrests in West Bank Palestine

Warnings of Israeli threats against al-Aqsa mosque

Heavy deployment of Israeli forces in Jerusalem and around Al-Aqsa

Not the sharpest hasbara tool in the box …

“Everyone from Stéphane Hessel to Navi Pillay becomes an anti-Semite in his eyes” …

Prof. Ashaal: The Mossad is behind Egypt’s incitement campaign against Hamas

Israeli forces detain 15 in Jerusalem

Israel nabs head of Islamic Movement Sheikh Raed Salah

Israel says Med missile launch joint test with US

Israel confirms testing missile jointly with US: Press TV – Israel says it has successfully conducted a joint …

Has the time come to put justice before ecumenical peace?

Israeli court rejects petition to cancel resolution to evacuate 8 villages

UNCTAD says Conditions in Palestine Deteriorated – WAFA

Fatah mocks end of “mini-state in Gaza and Sinai downed by Egyptian revolution”

Hamas: Detention of Sheikh Salah won’t stop our march to the Aqsa

Settling: Still a warcrime by law but Israel expands Bzjat Ze’ev settlement in Jerusalem anyway

Hamas asserts rejection of foreign military intervention in Syria

IOF arrests and summons citizens in the West Bank

Israel to release Salah, impose Jerusalem ban

Nasrallah: Zionist lobby behind US adventurism in Middle East

AIPAC comes out for strike on Syria– and mentions Iran more often than Syria …

Hagel: US Can’t Let Hezbollah Get Chemical Weapons

What Netanyahu when he drew his Bomb

The Slow, Sure Death of Palestine – Creative Time Reports

Kerry to Brief Arab FMs on Palestine-Israel Talks’ Outcome 56 14/Kerry-to-Brief-Arab-FMs-on-Palestine-Israel-Talks’-Outcome.aspx

Al-Aqsa Foundation: Al-Aqsa Mosque is witnessing the most serious stage

AP Interview: Mayor says Jerusalem can’t be split

PA: Israel responsible for Palestinian security

Israeli Spy in UAE Does Israels Dirty Work in Gaza

Abbas Cancels Rosh Hashanah Party with Israeli Politicians

Egyptian Military Builds Buffer Zone With Gaza

Egyptians Protest as Army Demolishes Gaza Border Homes

New film shows sacrifice without reward for Palestinians in Lebanon

Palestinians in Gaza Protest Against a Possible US-led Attack on Syria

KNOW That even #Your peace #Your safety will be put at risk for #Israel’s no-peace solution … Paid by #your money

Palestinian Hacker who posted on Facebook CEO’s Wall Hired by Crowd Investment Platform Eureeca -…

Addameer: 5068 Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons

From Gideon Levy in Haaretz: Nun in Syria recounts what she witnessed and accuses US/Israel -…

Jewish Lobbies assure their paid for Congressmen will vote to kill more Syrians

Three dead in Qalandiya offer reminders of Lina Al Nabulsi’s tragic death …

My Story On Times Bowing To AIPAC & Deleting Story Is Big News

Alison Weir will be speaking in a number of cities in Colorado next week! …

MP Barghouthi: The PA’s talks with Israel is like chasing a mirage

Report: Palestinians drive truck through Ben Gurion security barrier

PA forces escalate arrest campaign against Hamas supporters

Hamas opposes military action in Syria

Analyst: Mossad is behind Egyptian media’ incitement against Gaza

Near impunity for IDF soldiers who kill Palestinians ~ by @ygurvitz

Israel to release Salah, impose Jerusalem ban

If this is true, US policy on Syria is genuinely evil, not just incompetent.

VIDEO | Israel’s childsnatchers arrest a 11 yr old boy in Al-Khalil

Barhoum: Tightening Gaza siege aims at subjugating our people

With eye on Syria, Israel tests missiles with US

Sixth Rounds Of Talks To Be Held In Jerusalem

Obama’s a war criminal multiple times over. He’s waging war on humanity. He’s doing so based on

Oslo 20 years later: The origins and dangers of ‘security zones’ 

White House to lobby congressional progressive caucus on Syria tomorrow in 12 PM conference call. More of this? …

@BBC editor urges colleagues to downplay Israel’s siege of Gaza

Fuel crisis exacerbating in Gaza …

Israeli Soldiers Dancing at Hebron Wedding Were Probably Not Welcome Guests ~ at @Sabbah Report

The release of a mentally disabled young from Esawyeh and extending the arrest of 5 Jerusalemites

Palestinian Authority loses $300m in trade taxes a year to Israel: UN report defines as ‘fiscal lea…

Syria: Reality Check (Kerry, a serial liar)

Cover-up: NYT deletes references to AIPAC’s role in lobbying for war on Syria …

Hoping for full story from @Sulliview on AIPAC disappearances … … …

NYT article on AIPAC lobbying has gone thru 10 versions without convincing explanation: …

Two new Zionist tunnels uncovered beneath Masjid al Aqsa as Sheikh Raed Salah again detained

Oh Palestinians!  ~ via @Sabbah

Soldiers Kidnap Seven Palestinians In West Bank

Barghouthi: Talks With Israel Only Lead To A Mirage

#HandsOffSyria: #US DONATES CHEM WEAPONS #ISRAEL USES: No Action After 85.000
#MORE KILLED chem weapons: Outrage!?

Hamas says that demolishing tunnels is not related to Egypt ‘s security …

During September’s holidays we will have many special tours to Hebron and South Hebron Hills- you’re most welcome

BREAKING GAZA | F16’s & drones roam Gaza airspace

Chomsky: Attack on Syria without UN mandate war crime |

MORE: #Israel claims 2 missiles fired from #Mediterranean were for target practice – Defence Ministry

With eye on Iran, Israelis seek US action in Syria
Freshen up your mind:

840,000 Palestinians to Benefit from Improved Solid Waste Management Services in the WestBank …

MSM= WMD (Weapon of Mass Delusion)
Watch this:
Than read this

Only 34,000 Syrian child refugees are enrolled in school in Lebanon out of the 200,000 children of school age …

Israeli mass media:”Blessed are the Hands” to hail the Egyptian military forces… … #Egypt #egyptmassacre

No kidding. “The Israeli military has a poor record of accountability.” …

Israel doesn’t want Assad gone as much as seeing Syria fractured and weakened: …

About that: …

Oslo’s Roots: Kissinger, the PLO, and the Peace Process

BBC marginalises millions of Palestinian refugees for decades; uses Syrian refugees to further western aggression

Erekat Slams Demolition of Palestinian Home in Jordan Valley …

.@IsraelMFA statement on Qalandiya killings links to anti-UNRWA propaganda film by extremist settler

Photo |  Huge camp being prepared in #Jordan.ian desert to hold 120k Syria.n refugees if needed

Assaf Kfoury: The background to the July 3, 2013 military coup in Egypt, according to The New York Times

The 50 members Committee : Who is Who ~ by @Zeinobia

John Kerry dining with the man he just compared to Hitler:

Demeaned before I get a glimpse of my country | by Rana Baker (@ranabaker)

Seven #Palestinians arrested in West Bank

A humiliating start to my first tour of Palestine | The Ele… …,

#HandsOffSyria Rally past Saturday in Cleveland Ohio! Watch @resistance48’s interview & more! at @19actionnews

UN says over two million refugees have fled Syria

Several Palestinians Injured Near Jenin

This world should have become EFFING OUTRAGED after massacres like on
#Houla #Syria
NOT 1,5YRS later! #HandsOffSyria

Israel’s High Court sends South Hebron Hills evictions to mediation

Ahrar Denounces Kidnapping Of Former Detainee Sami Hussein

Building Israel: The Start-Up Nation – Intifada Palestine

#HandsOffSyria: When #US DONATES CHEM WEAPONS TO #ISRAEL: No Action 85.000 MORE KILLED chem weapons : Outrage? 

Israel’s new Jewish identity administration: response to post-Zionism …

#PalHunger | Hussam Matar suspends hunger strike after 90 days

Israeli forces hand home demolition order to Palestinian family

Wealthy Widow Pouring Millions into Teach for America, Promoting a Pro-Israel Agenda to Children


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