Prof. Ashaal: The Mossad is behind Egypt’s incitement campaign against Hamas

[ PIC 03/09/2013 – 12:16 PM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– Egyptian political analyst Abdullah Al-Ashaal strongly denounced the war being waged by the current Egyptian regime against the Gaza Strip and Hamas and described it as a wrong policy and a serious crime against Egypt’s national security.

Ashaal, a professor of political science at Cairo university, accused, in a press statement to Quds Press, influential figures from the new regime in Egypt backed by persons working for the Mossad of mobilizing the Egyptian public opinion against Hamas and portraying it as a threat to Egypt’s national security.

Ashaal also said that the Mossad and their collaborators are controlling some Egyptian media outlets directly or indirectly in order to demonize Hamas, but he expressed his belief that any battle against the Palestinians would be doomed to failure and would burn its initiators.

“Today, the [Egyptian] judiciary is holding trials against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders on charges of having relations with Hamas, and the army is fighting terrorist groups in the Sinai in coordination with Israel,” he stated.

“Unfortunately, this situation affected the Gaza Strip, the tunnels and Rafah crossing and would tighten the noose further around the Palestinians in Gaza and Palestine, but all these battles are superficial and unable to change the place of the Palestinian cause in the memory of the Egyptian people, who believes that Palestine is part of Egypt’s national security,” the political analyst added.

He stressed that the vast majority of the Egyptian people believe that Israel is a usurping regime and Hamas is a resistance group defending the rights of its own people and has nothing to do with what is happening in Egypt.

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