Popular anger over PA forces’ use of live fire against Palestinian citizens

[ PIC 06/09/2013 – 12:14 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– Opening fire against Palestinian citizens by PA forces has caused high tensions among Palestinians in the West Bank especially after the martyrdom of Amjad Odeh from Nablus by PA forces’ live bullet.

On August 27, the PA forces stormed Askar refugee camp to arrest the citizen Ayman Abu Salem for alleged possession of weapons. The camp’s youths confronted the PA forces that fired live bullets against the protesters, where the citizen Amjad Odeh was shot directly in his head.

Meanwhile, the PA forces stormed Fara’a refugee camp north of Nablus on Sunday to arrest armed members of Fatah movement. However, local residents confronted the raiding forces where they threw stones and homemade explosive devices.

In turn, the PA forces fired live bullets against the citizens till late hours, causing state of high tension among the citizens who stoned them and burned their vehicles similar to the clashes erupting with the Israeli forces.

Local residents expressed their disappointment and anger against the PA arbitrary practices and the excessive use of force against protesters, saying that such policy aim at liquidating resistance in West Bank in favor of the occupation authorities.

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