PA security forces go Stasi-style: kidnap four Hamas members, one Hizb Attahrir official

[ PIC 07/09/2013 – 02:08 PM ]


WEST BANK, (PIC)– The Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces kidnapped four Palestinian citizens due to their affiliation with the Hamas Movement and another one from Hizb Attahrir (the liberation party).

In Tulkarem, the PA preventive security forces kidnapped Ahmed Al-Fanni, a leading member of the Islamic student bloc at Palestine technical university, a few hours after the PA intelligence apparatus released him from its jail in the city.

Eyewitnesses in Tulkarem also identified two PA officers who physically and verbally assaulted a young man named Husam Al-Tammam.

They said that these two officers kept beating and verbally abusing Tammam after taking him prisoner until he fainted and was transferred to a military medical center before letting him go in bad shape.

The PA security apparatuses also summoned two ex-detainees identified as Hussein Abu Hadid and Muhannad Mousa and threatened to put them in jail if they did not appear for interrogation.

In Qalqiliya, the PA security forces kidnapped Baher Saleh, a senior member of Hizb Attahrir group.

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