Palestine News | Sept 18, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Sept 18,  2013 | 24302 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2290 days
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Live Blog | Israeli forces kill 19 year old Islam al-Tubasi in Jenin refugee camp (Updated)

#GazaUnderAttack | Sept 17, 2013 | Full List of 230 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

Egyptian Navy kills two Palestinian refugees

1,8 Million ppl effectively imprisoned, deprived, no sewage, fuel nor power but @nytimes knows Israel plans to EASE!

Egyptian border restrictions create misery in Gaza –  IRINnews

Egypt’s new misshapen constitution

Gaza heads to an environmental disaster

Health Minister warns of health disaster due to lack of medicines

Security force led by Hamas and Fatah formed in Ein Hilwa camp

Official: Israel allows cement, iron into Gaza

Israeli Contractor Leaves Injured Palestinian Worker Ehsan Abu Srour to die

MP Mona Mansour: the occupation wants a trapped Palestinian state

Friends of Humanity calls on Egypt to open Rafah crossing

Unchanged cabinet to be sworn in Thursday

Hamas: Egypt destroying Gaza tunnels to tighten blockade

Hamas, Islamic Jihad form joint command

Hamdallah: Reshuffle to be announced today

From Russia with love: Female Palestinian paratroopers trained in Soviet skies

IPS transfers ill Palestinian prisoner to hospital

Hamas: Israeli crimes not subject to statute of limitations

Refugees go in Civil disobedience against UNRWA in Nahr al – Bared camp.

Army Invades Yatta, Searches Homes

Israel issues evacuation orders to 20 Jerusalem families

Israel agreed to release another 250 prisoners

Egyptian border restrictions create misery in Gaza

West Bank settler growth is 3 times the Israeli rate: 2012 Statics

Ask yourself why @AP @AFP @CNN @BBC is silent on 230th Israeli truce violation!

DRAH meets Government Committee to communicate with UNRWA

How USAID Kills Popular Resistance in Palestine

‎8 civilians wounded in collision in southern Gaza Strip

Gunmen shoot, injure wedding singer in Jenin

Settler teargas attack on school students in Abu Dis causes suffocations

Erekat Warns #Quartet of the Collapse of Negotiations if Israeli Violations Continue …

The economics of Oslo, 20 years later: A snapshot

Women stage sit-in to demand an end to Gaza siege

Israel occupation: A wall separating growth and Palestinian economy

Egypt reopens Rafah border crossing (for humanitarian cases)

Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza StripSept 18, 2013

Israel use excessive force killing Palestinian & wounding 4 others, including 3 children, in Jenin refugee camp

Calls for ending the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza – See more at:

Stranded students to leave Gaza in two days: Crossings Department

Palestinians snuff out mass settler raid on Al-Aqsa Mosque, 75 injured

Gov’t: The resistance is the best option to confront the occupation

Thousands of citizens attend funeral of Islam Tobasi in Jenin

Resistance fighter injured in clash with invading Israeli soldiers

Syria’s New Game: The Russian Factor

Resheq condemns the IOF murder of Tobasi

Israel Police launch investigation into death of illegal Palestinian worker in Tel Aviv

Welcome to Gaza Convoy 2014!

109 definitions of ‘terrorism’

Israel murders 75 Palestinians after their arrest

Red Lines and Green Lights ~ by Jonathan Cook

MOH calls on Egypt to save 1000 patients

The Palestinian Government denounced Israeli crime committed in Jenin and called PA to stop negotiations

Many Palestinian worshipers injured during violent police raid at Aqsa Mosque

#GazaUnderAttack | Sept 18, 2013 | Full List of 230 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

Gaza fighter injured in border clashes with Israeli troops

20 Years Olso Accords: 7000+ Killed. 12000+ Houses Destroyed.  250000+ Settlers.  441 miles apartheid wall

Abu Kuwaik: Oslo Accord was a catastrophe to the Palestinian cause

Palestinian killed in Galilee road accident

Gaza decries Egypt’s crackdown on tunnels

Law allowing 3-year imprisonment for ‘infiltrators’ outlawed

The most moral “Israel” – Today!
Israeli forces ‘detain, beat 69 year old man and son’ near Jericho

Israel’s occupation force escalates targeting refugee camps in WB

Palestinian minister urges Egypt to re-open Rafah

Egyptian official is happy that Gaza electricity plant stopped working

‘You think filing a complaint will restore your rights?’

Do you know Nazi process of “Gleichschaltung” ?
Well LEARN about it
For MSM & your gov’t doing it to you now as well

This after noon prayers after the arrests of four young people inside Al-Aqsa Mosque by Zionist police

Today Israeli occupation forces closed the Masjid Al-Aqsa doors and banned all Palestinians and Muslims from…

MOH in Gaza calls on Egypt to save 1000 patients ‎

Daily zionist pogrom update:
IOF soldiers arrest four youths in Nablus

IOF soldiers raze coal factory west of Jenin

EU, Germany Provide €40M for Nablus Treatment Plant
While 1.8 Million in Gaza have no sewage

“We succeeded in closing the only electricity plant in #Gaza” Osama Kamal; more:

Life in Gaza at a standstill after tunnels destroyed and the Rafah Crossing closed

US to seize New York skyscraper “secretly owned”(?) by Iran

Palestinian Islamic movements form joint body to oversee common activities

VIDEO | Israeli police this morning at all-Aqsa Mosque

Remember: Abu Mazen becomes his own people’s butcher: Abbas rejects free trade zone with Egypt, calls to shut tunnels

People stuck at homes because no taxis in the streets
Exclusive photos by @MiddleEastMnt

Israeli plan to build new apartheid road in Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli Forces Conduct Limited Incursion in Southern Gaza Strip

Israeli Police Kidnaps Deputy Head of Islamic Movement Sheikh Kamal Khatib and Ali Abu Sheikha

Israel exploits Egypt turmoil to increase attacks on Gaza farmers ~ by @jncatron

EVERYONE believing Abu Mazen’s call 4 opening Gaza border:
Forgot a MONTH AGO he called for a total shut down!?

WATCH: Israeli gang preys on non-Jewish Africans, steals from them & viciously assaults them, finally caught on video

Palestinian Islamic movements form a joint body to overcome the recent challenges.

Factories shut down in Israel after public outcry now operate with little oversight in the occupied West Bank

20 Years Olso Accords: 7000+ Killed. 12000+ Houses Destroyed.  250000+ Settlers.  441 miles apartheid wall

Palestinian family trapped in home as blaze raged in Israeli chemical plant – at @intifada

Ahmed Tibi MK arrives in Jerusalem, standing in front of Aqsa doors, demand army opens it

The Oslo Accords: 20 Years of a Political Charade

What’s the deadline for Israel’s removal of

When arms industry calls the shots, Israel stands to benefit | by David Cronin (@dvcronin)

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


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