The Palestinian Government denounced Israeli crime committed in Jenin and called PA to stop negotiations


Al Ray Agencies | Sept 18, 2013

Gaza, Alray – The Palestinian government, on its weekly session on Thursday, denounced the Israeli occupation crimes committed on Jenin, affirming that the futile peace negotiations will lead to lose our historical rights.

It also called Mahmoud Abbas and the PA in Ramallah to stop immediately the negotiations and to return to the choice of resistance which is the choice of  our people as well.

The government affirmed that the humanitarian condition in the Gaza Strip is deteriorating due to the tightened closure of the boarders.

The statement also called on the Egyptian side to re-open Rafah crossing  immediately as the number of Palestinians stranded on both sides is increasing, urging the international community to intervene and put an end of this unjustified blockade.

The government denounced the storming of Al-aqsa courtyards by the Israeli minister of housing and Israeli settlers, and called on the Arab League and the Islamic Conference Organization to take serious actions to save Al-aqsa Mosque from the Israeli plans.

 It affirmed its rejection of Oslo Accords, which led to futile peace negotiations lasted for twenty years. calling the PLO leadership not to fall into this trap again and to stop trusting the US and the Israeli promises.

 The government also called on the PA to cooperate with all Palestinian factions in accordance with a new strategy towards a serious national action.

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