Palestine News | Sept 19, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Sept 19,  2013 | 24303 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2291 days
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#GazaUnderAttack | Sept 18, 2013 | Full List of 230 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza Strip
| Sept 19, 2013

Month delay in IDF evacuation from Gaza vicinity communities

Israeli official warn Prawer plan will displace 100,000 Bedouins

Jordan protests to Israel over Jerusalem building proposal

The tragic life of Palestinian illegal workers. 1 was left to die on Tel Aviv street by Israeli contractor

Indonesia warned about Zionist/CIA backed Prabowo Subianto ‘leading’ the country next

Jewish American ex-Marine, Army Professor, Dr Alan Sabrosky: “It is 100% certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation”

PHOTO: 2 days ago illegal Israeli settlers poisoned the well of Tana village on the occupied West Bank

U.S. Selling Cluster Bombs Worth 641 Million to Saudi Arabia | Inter Press Service

Israel evacuates Palestinians in the Jordan Valley

Egypt blocks Gaza student from going to college in UK

Israeli forces ban 7 Arab holders of Israeli ID from al-Aqsa

Egypt to allow Gaza pilgrims to travel via Cairo

ECESG discusses the Gaza siege at HRC session

Israel denies agreement to release 250 Palestinian prisoners

81 Jordanian MPs: Recall the Jordanian ambassador in Israel

Israel occupation forces seize Red Cross tents brought for homeless villagers of Khirbet

Call it what you like
Israeli rule over Palestinians always breaches their human rights.

Palestinians launch campaign to support sick prisoners 

Why BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) is an effective way to support peace in Israel-Palestine

A German government report has revealed that Germany sold the Syrian regime chemicals that have a military

Bibi has to walk back remarks by Michael Oren suggesting Israel prefers Al Qaeda to Iran:

After demolishing their village: IOF  seize tents of residents

Israel displaces dozens of families for military exercises

Zatara checkpoint soldiers beat three young men, detain one of them

Respected UK “counter-terror” school, linked to Israeli elite, refuses to reveal donors

Israeli founder of UK “counter-terror” school has called for violence against Palestinians. My latest for @intifada

VIDEO | Up to 70,000 Bedouins (today an MK said 100K) Could Be Impacted or Displaced by Israel ~ Interview @Moe_Diab

Download the brochure “The real story behind the tourist site” (PDF)
To know what Israel really does in Jerusalem

About the zionist occupation & destruction of Al-Aqsa & judaization of Al-Quds

Gaza is a closed zone as restrictions imposed on it strangled inhabitants

Al-Aqsa Faces Biggest Threat Since Occupation of Jerusalem

PCHR condemns the Israeli attacks on Gaza fishermen

OIC condemns attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Acting President of PLC calls Egypt to open Rafah crossing

Jewish settlers believed to have poisoned 40 sheep open fire at Palestinian shepherds

Settlers storm Aqsa mosque and perform Talmudic rituals on its gates

CAIR report reveals total funding of US Islamophobia network

‘Delegitimisation’ of settlements by Europe ‘is the new antisemitism’

Israel and Palestine FAs to meet on 23 September –

How the Occupation of Palestine Was Dressed Up as Peace

Negotiator urges halt of Israel’s “judaization’ of Jerusalem

Al-Khudari demands opening the safe passage

Israel cranks up its propaganda machine for British students

Sheikh Salah calls on youths to launch events in support of Jerusalem

Israeli forces to close Ibrahimi mosque next week : Collective punishment to ‘celebrate’ a Jewish holiday

Rowhani says Iran not seeking war with any nation

UN envoy warns against involving Israel in the Syrian conflict

Where have $23 billion spent on Oslo “peace process” gone?

Civil servants cancel scheduled  protests

Hamas demands Egypt reconsider verdict against Palestinian fishermen

Gaza blockade to be discussed on the sidelines of UN human rights meeting

Israeli court banishes Khatib and Abu Sheikha from Aqsa Mosque

Israeli army occupy four-storey building near Ibrahimi Mosque due to Jewish holiday

IPS isolates ten prisoners

Israeli forces detain 2 Gaza men at border with Israel

New house demolition notifications in Jerusalem

Al-Ghusein calls on Egypt to look into the verdict against Palestinian fishermen

Egyptian Navy kills two Palestinian refugees

1,8 Million ppl effectively imprisoned, deprived, no sewage, fuel nor power but @nytimes knows Israel plans to EASE!

Egyptian border restrictions create misery in Gaza –  IRINnews

Israeli official warn Prawer plan will displace 100,000 Bedouins

Gaza man stabbed to death during clan brawl

Prisoners find snake in Negev jail canteen

IMF arrest two Palestinian east Gaza

Israeli settler runs over little child in Hebron

Resheq: Israeli attempts to divide al-Aqsa mosque will not succeed

Tell Israeli occupation forces to free @Addameer lawyer and human rights defender Anas Barghouti now! –

Palestinian girl last had a hug from her imprisoned dad 10 years ago, when she was two

A must read. The CIA, the Press and Black Propaganda. CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Palestine wins the presidency of WFEO

Egyptian military court jails five Gazan fishermen for one year

Soldiers Detain Child In Hebron

Gaza crossing partially reopened

16th Palestinian gov’t to be sworn in Thursday

From a Jenin funeral to settlement construction: A week in photos – September 11-18 

Two Palestinians Kidnapped In Hebron

Contractors Union: (Israel) to allow 70 truckloads of building materials per day

Stop Censorship of PressTV ▶ Revealed: ADL behind @PressTV’s @Youtube ban

Live Blog | Israel outsources the Gaza Siege to Egypt

Teargas attack on a school in Abu Dis causes suffocations: Jerusalem - Dozens of Jerusalem students were …

Will Obama the Bomber protect Israel’s WMD?

PCHR Condemns Israel’s Demolition of Residential Community in Jordan Valley and Displacement of 48 Palestinians

First demolish a village, than confiscate the tents as well

Washington Post’s new Jerusalem correspondent has a troubling conflict of interest | @AliAbunimah

US led the way in banning science grants for Israel’s outlawed bodies

USA & ISRAEL plot for – WW3 – World Elite Will Stop At Nothing Read more at

Israel Wants Syria and Iran, Crushed

Israel Still Angling for Attacks on Syria and Iran- by JONATHAN COOK-

Six reasons US is most violent society

Palestinian Child Injured After Being Rammed By Settler’s Vehicle In Hebron

Another child attacked!
(to wound and even to kill)

Lev Leviev still helping Israel steal Palestinian land | by Adri Nieuwhof (@steketeh)

PCHR Denounces Killing Of Civilian By Army Fire

Egypt Joins Israel as Gaza’s Jailer

Gaza Interior Ministry condemns Egyptian Navy Attacks

Zionist Egypt sentenced 5 Palestinian fishermen 1 year for fishing in international waters

Israeli forces ‘detain, beat up 69 year old elderly man and his son’ near Jericho

Soldiers Install Various Roadblocks In The Jenin District In Northern West Bank

Fighter Open Fire At An Israeli Military Roadblock In Jenin

Soldiers Kidnap Two Palestinians South Of Hebron

Will Bibi Trade Iran for Palestine? – Commentary Magazine

Bibi must be sharpening his crayons for the new #edition of his ‘Bomb’
What he forgot to mention when he drew his 1st

The Oslo Accords: 20 Years of a Political Charade

What’s the deadline for Israel’s removal of

When arms industry calls the shots, Israel stands to benefit | by David Cronin (@dvcronin)

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


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