Palestine News | Sept 20, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Sept 20,  2013 | 24304 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2292 days
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#GazaUnderAttack | Sept 19, 2013 | Full List of 231 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

Live Blog | Israel outsources the Gaza Siege to Egypt

Looming Environmental Disaster: Gaza Sewage Pumped Into Sea – (press release)

Israel’s Chemical Arsenal under New Scrutiny

Government takes oath for a second time

Lebanon’s Palestinian Refugees Cannot Be Ignored

Extending the arrest of 5 citizens and the release of 7 others on condition of staying away of Al-Aqsa

Dozens lightly injured in West Bank demonstrations

Medics: Israeli forces shoot 2 Palestinians in north Gaza

Israel narrowly escapes rap in nuclear agency vote

Calls for ending the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza

Man dies in road accident in Hebron

Life in Gaza at a standstill after tunnels destroyed and the Rafah Crossing closed

Students at Birzeit to continue protests

Extremists assault disabled Jerusalem teen Hussein Jaber

Israeli soldiers violently attack EU diplomats after destroying Palestinian homes, kindergarten

Clashes break out in demolished village of Makhoul

Tragic Stories From Rafah: Students Mourn Their Future

EU diplomats manhandled by Israeli troops in West Bank

Israeli envoy said to be “visibly angry and almost shouting” at EU lawmakers over “boycotting Israel” @MichaelDeas

Government takes oath for a second time

PA rejects Israel request to license 3G

NOW: Clashes in the old city of #Hebron Israeli forces shooting teargas canisters & rubber steel bullets at protesters

Israel encircles Gazans, #Palestinian Authority denies their right to a passport my report from Gaza WATCH:

Number of Palestinian refugees in Jordan increasing

BREAKING / 2 injuries arrive to Kamal Edwan hospital – Northern Gaza strip, after the Israeli occupation forces…

#GazaUnderAttack | Sept 20, 2013 | Full List of 232 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations 

Report to UN on rise in settler violence and illegal building ~ Overview by Jews for Justice for Palestinians

Israeli occupation forces suppress the weekly Al Ma’sara march

Appeals to save Al-Qurmi neighborhood in Jerusalem

Israeli soldiers roughen up EU diplomat, confiscate aid supplies for Palestinians
French diplomat Marion Castaing lays on the ground after Israeli soldiers carried her out of her truck containing emergency aid, in the West Bank herding community of Khirbet al-Makhul, in the Jordan Valley September 20, 2013. Israeli soldiers manhandled European diplomats, including Castaing, on Friday and seized the truck full of tents and emergency aid they had been trying to deliver to Palestinians whose homes were demolished earlier this week. REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini

Israeli soldiers roughen up EU diplomat, confiscate aid supplies for Palestinians

Israeli forces manhandle E.U. diplomats, seize West Bank aid




GAZA A Palestinian fisherman wounded by Israeli gunfire, my report from the hospital (transl. by Google)

Mahmoud Abbas’s hollow popularity and the lack of a political alternative in Palestine

Israel’s chemical arsenal under new scrutiny 

High above Nazareth, an Israeli mayor wants to keep his city Jewish ‘now and forever’ 

New Stats Show Jews Now Minority in Israel, Areas – J.J. Goldberg

Israel, Allies Fend off International Censure – ABC News 

Christian lawmakers to meet with Ya’alon, Bennett | JPost | Israel News

Tens of  zionist squatters storm Bethlehem

No time left for negotiations with Iran: Israeli MK
What bibi left out when he drew his bomb

New Israeli road through Jordan valley announced as snub to PA

Still believe in PEACE TALKS?
Israel calculates revenue up till 2035(!) of it’s illegal annexated railroad-web in WB

Bil’in Weekly Demo 20.09.2013

Y’day, a zionist squatter attempted murder on another Palestinian Child
All hit & run attacks

Time, whether age or duration are NO factor for genocide. 65 yrs of massacres

Gaza Strip losses exceed $250 million

Roger Waters meets Israel’s ‘newspaper of the nation’

Mass march in Khan Younis against resumption of talks

Stop Censorship of PressTV ▶ Revealed: ADL behind @PressTV’s @Youtube ban

After @PressTV ban, ADL seeks to ban @HispanTV on @YouTube

Dutch firm pulls out of Israeli contract – it breaches international law

Roger Waters discusses boycott with Israel’s ‘newspaper of the nation’

Live Blog | Israel outsources the Gaza Siege to Egypt

Israeli army confiscated the truck full of humanitarian aid in Jordan Valley, diplomats were dragged out from the truck by soldiers

French diplomat attacked by Israeli army in ethnically cleansed village of Makhoul
Today aid convoy to support community to stay on their land was attacked, French diplomat barricaded himself w/ the aid, was attacked too

Resolution Targeting Israel Defeated at IAEA …

Operating inside an illegal Israeli settlement isn’t green – don’t buy Sodastream


Israeli Navy Open Fire at Fishermen within imposed zone, Injure 1 in Gaza Sea, fingers amputated v.@pnnenglish,-injure-one-in-gaza-sea

Islamic Leader Condemns Israeli Actions Against al-Aqsa, Aims to Address Issue at UN General Assembly

Hamas calls for a sit-in on Friday in support of Al-Aqsa and holy sites

Settlers (alleged poisoned sheep as well) open fire toward shepherds south of Nablus

PA: Economy cannot grow under occupation

130 Israeli websites hacked and defaced by AnonGhost.

UFree Network (@Ufreenetwork) denounces Egyptian military courts sentences against Palestinian fishermen

Health ministry in Gaza faces a real disaster

6 former heads of Shin Bet [Israeli Internal Security] sharply criticize Israeli policy in the West Bank

Since 2000, members of Congress and their staffs have visited Israel more than one thousand times

Top players in Islamophobia industry paid over $150,000 per year | by Charlotte Silver (@charesilver)

A community of 48 residents, including 12 children, left homeless due to the Israeli demolitions. See in pictures:

Take action: Palestinian lawyer Anas Barghouti arrested by Israeli occupation

“The Epic Struggle of a Trapped Student” ~ by Fidaa Abuassi

VIDEO | Gaza is a closed zone as restrictions imposed on it strangled inhabitants

PCHR Weekly Report: Palestinian civilian killed, 3 children & 1 adult wounded by Israeli troops 

Washington Post’s new Jerusalem correspondent married to pro-Israel propagandist | @AliAbunimah

OIC condemns Israeli assault on Aqsa

New Palestinian Authority Government Swears in Before Abbas in Ramallah

Bibi must be sharpening his crayons for the new #edition of his ‘Bomb’
What he forgot to mention when he drew his 1st

What’s the deadline for Israel’s removal of

When arms industry calls the shots, Israel stands to benefit | by David Cronin (@dvcronin)

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


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