Zionist Extermination Tool: Sharp deterioration in Mohamed Mardawi’s health due to medical negligence

[ PIC 23/09/2013 – 12:27 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– The Palestinian prisoner Mohamed Mardawi’s father has called on human rights institutions and Physicians for Human Rights organization to pressure the Israeli authorities in order to provide his son with the appropriate treatment.

The father expressed his deep concern over the health status of his son who spent 13 years in Israeli jails out of his 28 prison term.

The prisoner Mohamed Mardawi, 32, suffers from a blood clot in addition to breathing problems that cause him endless and sharp chest pains.

He pointed out that his son has undergone a surgery to remove part of his lung, however a new illness has appeared due to the Israeli deliberate medical negligence.

He called for a medical committee to check on his son’s health status in light the Israeli ongoing negligence to his difficult situation.

Zionist Extermination Tool: Medical Neglect: Palestinian prisoner loses his memory in Israeli jails

[ PIC 15/05/2013 – 06:59 PM ]


Prisoner Jihad Abdel Latif Abu Haniyeh

QALQILIYA, (PIC)– The Palestinian prisoner Jihad Abdel Latif Abu Haniyeh, arrested in 2007 and sentenced to 60 years, lost his memory and failed to remember his cell mates’ names, Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) revealed.

The prisoner’s family expressed concern over their son’s health status especially that he failed to recognize his parents during their visit.

The prisoners who shared him the cell confirmed that the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) provided him with mysterious medicines.

The prisoner’s family called on human rights institutions to intervene to save Jihad’s life.

The PPS held the occupation fully responsible over the prisoner’s safety and called on the IPS to provide him with the appropriate treatment after being beaten severely on his head.

Meanwhile, the prisoners Mesbah Mossa and Assad al-Damj’s health conditions have deteriorated due to the Israeli deliberate medical negligence and the difficult detention condition in Eshel prison.

Prisoner al-Damj’s family stressed that he fell unconscious more than once, noting that he was arrested after being shot by Israeli fire.

The PPS stressed the need to conduct an urgent surgery to the prisoner especially that he suffers several health problems.

The PPS said that the prisoner Khalil Mesbah Moussa who is held and isolation in Eishel prison, suffers serious health issues.

Mesbah underwent several surgeries as he suffers colon cancer, the PPS added, calling for providing him with the necessary medical care.

More than a thousand Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails suffer different illnesses including 25 cancer patients in light of the Israeli medical neglect.

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