Addameer condemns the Israeli wide arrest campaign in al-Khalil

[ PIC 24/09/2013 – 05:51 PM ]


AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Addameer Association for prisoners support and human rights strongly condemned the Israeli wide arrest and raid campaign an mass detention launched in al-Khalil following the killing of an Israeli soldier in the city.

A number of eyewitnesses reported to the Documentation Unit at Addameer that about 5,000 soldiers have been deployed in al-Khalil city in the following areas: Al Sahla, Wadi Al Nasara, Jabal Johar, Tarik Bin Ziyad School and the surrounding area and have been conducting raids and arrests that continue until this moment.

The witnesses added that the IOF has raided homes, and have patrolled the streets in Hebron with megaphones, demanding that all residents over the age of 18 years to report to the main squares. The IOF made them put their hands above their heads and sit in stressful positions in parallel lines, then shackled their hands behind their backs and interrogated them, Addameer said.

The witnesses estimated that over a thousand people were subjected to this treatment, including children and elderly community members. According to human rights researchers, the IOF are also conducting a random arrest campaign that has resulted in the arrest of eighty people.

Addameer also learned that a number of civil society institutions were also raided including the Union of Health Work Committees, where staff members were held hostage inside the office for hours.

In its statement, Addameer condemned the Israeli revengeful campaign and called for the International Committee of the Red Cross and the United Nations to activate their role as protectors of civilians living under occupation as provided in articles (4),(13), (27), and (47) of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

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