French Press Agency (@AFP) Posts Defamatory and False Info-Graphic About Palestine ~ by @sallyidwedar

Sally Idwedar: A Life in Gaza

Agence France-Presse has recently posted a info-graphic on discrimination against women.
The info-graphic caption: In 15 countries, women can’t get a job without their husband’s permission.
Wow- how horrible is it that a woman must get her husband’s permission to work! Included in the 15 countries is West Bank and Gaza (which AFP refuses to acknowledge as Palestine). As a married woman in Gaza I have never heard of such a law and was taken aback when I looked at the post by AFP. Could it be true?
Here is the false accusation:click here for link to direct page.:

I quickly made a few phone calls to legal experts here and was given this startling answer: NO SUCH LAW EXISTS.
Could AFP really have posted such a blatant lie? Not content with the answers I was given by the experts I decided to do a little research myself…

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