Palestine News | Sept 25, 2013

آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Sept 25,  2013 | 2433 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2297 days
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"The entire enter¬prise of a Jew¬ish state in Palestine is built upon an express rejec¬tion of interna¬tional law." ~ Brayer. Click to read about Palestinian Resistance: The Political, Social and Human Right of Self-Defense

The entire enterprise of a Jewish state in Palestine is built upon an express rejection of international law.” ~ Brayer.
Click to read about Palestinian Resistance: The Political, Social and Human Right of Self-Defense


#GazaUnderAttack | Sept 24, 2013 | Full List of 233 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

Live Blog | Israel outsources the Gaza Siege to Egypt (updated)

Live Blog | Israeli soldier killed by Palestinian resistance sniper fire in Hebron

Live Blog | Israeli soldiers roughen up EU diplomat, confiscate aid supplies for Palestinians (Updated with Video)

Israeli forces assault a child and a young man in Al-Wad Street – via @silwanic

Like a miracle, I’ve been allowed to study outside Gaza ~ by Malaka Mohammed

Easy follow ▶ All daily #Israel attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque & related news:  | #AqsaUnderAttack #AlAqsa #Palestine

Indifferent border officials determine whether Gaza students keep or lose their scholarships and opportunities abroad

USD Speaker Alison Weir (@alisonweir) Addresses Israeli-Palestinian Coverage at University of South Dakota

My column: Ignoring Iran’s peace overtures is the latest error by the Foreign Secretary. William Hague must wake up

Defense for Children Palestine – US Speaking Tour 2013

Act 4 Palestinian Children
Our pledge demands are taken from FCO-funded, independent legal report here which found Israel in breach of international law & made 40 recommendations. 

  • #a4pcpledge demands 1. An end to Israel’s nighttime raids & shackling of Palestinian children
  • #a4pcpledge demands 2. Audio-visual recordings of all interrogations
  • #a4pcpledge demands 3. Parents given right to be present during questioning & child’s right to access lawyer
  • #a4pcpledge demands 4. An end to transfer of children to prisons inside Israel in breach of Article 76 of 4th Geneva Convention
  • #a4pcpledge demands 5. An end to the use of solitary confinement

Sign here: 

Anti-Palestinian group Hasbara Fellowships to hold NYC social media training with Israeli Consulate:

Settling: Still a warcrime by Int’l Law but Jewish settlers occupy area west of Abu Dis anyway

Prisoners’ families demand sons being allowed to receive winter clothing

Panic at #JNS!
State Department photo lists ‘Palestine’ as country

EU refuses probe into why it rewarded contractor for apartheid tramway | by David Cronin (@dvcronin) 

MP Tafesh: Palestinians will not remain silent for long

Bardawil: Obama’s use of the term “Jewish state” constitutes a serious threat

Barghouthi: Negotiations gave cover for occupation’s attacks on Aqsa

Ministry of transport: Contacts underway with Egypt to solve the fuel crisis

Israel raping rights and ‘deals’ again: Ofer and Negev administrative detainees to take escalatory steps

Israeli occupation soldiers launch large-scale combing operation near Jenin village

Letters: Palestinian children’s rights

Joke of the Day:
J Street Conference will Bolster Israel-Palestine Peace Efforts

Extending the arrest of three Jerusalemites and releasing three others on condition of staying away from Al-Aqsa

“Anyone legitimately purchasing a property would use keys rather than break down doors in the middle of the night”

Likud is going 200% for the zionist Lebensraum: Likud efforts to foil negotiations with Palestinian Authority 

2) Late August: #Likud solution is to annex West Bank and establish Palestinian state in Gaza …

3) #Likud continuously storms Aqsa: Extremists rabbis, MK’s like Feigling & cohorts

4) Meet #Likud: “The Gov’t of Israel flatly rejects establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of Jordan river” …

5) Meet #Likud: “The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.” & more: …

6) U still believe in PEACETALKS? Aug 30, 2010, BEFORE peacetalks, Netanyahu vowed to make NO CONCESSIONS AT ALL: …

7) Netanyahu said: (Aug 2010) before going into “peacetalks”: The “Eretz Israel” stretches from the Mediterranian Sea to the River Jordan.

8) In an op-ed in New York Times, DannyDanon said the same: “Making the Land of Israel Whole” …

9) Back than Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin reiterated it by saying: The land of Israel is ours in its entirety“,7340,L-4116118,00.html …

10) Oct 16, 2011: Ayalon: Settlement in Jerusalem not for discussion …

REMINDER Zionists have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER Inviting hate pastors, neo nazis, even holocaust deniers INTO Knesset! …

B’Tselem “proud” partner of war criminals, enemies of Palestinian rights | @AliAbunimah


Soldiers, Police, Surround Worshipers In Al-Aqsa Mosque

Grande : UNRWA will not provide service to refugees unless the necessary support is available

Live Blog | Gaza: No Place To Go. Now Under Total Siege by Israel and Egypt

J Street’s keynote speaker was ambassador for Gaza slaughter of ’08-’09 – at @Mondoweiss

Illegal Israeli settlers attack Palestinian villages in Nablus

Man found dead in Tulkarem

Rebranding Israel is throwing good money after bad

Israel Prepares to Drill for Oil in Occupied Golan …

‘3 injured’ after clashes in Ramallah camp

Law preventing Palestinians from owning property in Lebanon threatens thousands

Heartwrenching and Outrageous: The Palestinian worker left to bleed to death in Tel Aviv

USAS and AFL-CIO Announce National Partnership Agreement 

Iran tries to shine light on Israeli nukes
Hello @AP, here are Facts u did not cover

Jerusalemite Committee: settlement activity a violation of international convent

Appeal: Write to Saudi – G4S oppressing Palestinians and Saudi has contracted G4S to manage
#Hajj see FOA letter

I expose how a top Israeli journalist fabricated a horrific blood libel against non-Jewish African refugees in Israel …

Israeli policemen, special forces attack Palestinians at Aqsa Mosque

Bigotry in Israel: Ethiopian Jews & African Refugees 

IOF soldiers close main entrance to Beit Ummar village, arrest youth

The idea of exceptionalism moves in different ways – toward community or toward empire 

Israeli delegation criticised for boycotting speech #Iran’s president

Israeli diplomacy did not enjoy any upbringing
PHOTOS | Zionists break into Al-Aqsa and surround worshipers, clashes in its courtyards

Costa Rica signs cooperation agreement with Palestine – Inside Costa Rica

Soldiers Attack Nonviolent Protest In Bethlehem

French Press Agency (@AFP) Posts Defamatory and False Info-Graphic About Palestine ~ by @sallyidwedar

Likud efforts to foil negotiations with Palestinian Authority

Gaza man sentenced to death for wife’s murder

Qatari Emir hails Arab Spring and insists that the clock will not go backward

Israeli society views all human rights groups as traitors or enemies

Max Blumenthal: My book isn’t out yet, but it has already received a negative review from a hasbara troll who has not read it:

3 Palestinians detained for renting land to settlers

For Israel “calm” means the ability to inflict collective punishment on 1.7M people in Gaza with no one complaining

Jayyous: a village’s struggle for its own land – follow @pal_mon for stories on daily life under occupation

Clashes in Jerusalem Focus of Dailies …

Coup government threatens Gaza with “military options”

Daily report on the Impacts of the blockade on the Gaza Strip  ~ by Al Ray

The GMO organizes a workshop about dealing with foreign media

VIDEO | Gazans rally against Israeli occupation of Jerusalem al-Quds

Israeli “security” team arrives in Cairo to discuss Sinai developments

Israeli forces storm orphan school in Jerusalem

PA minister of economy meets Turkish counterpart

Palestinian Authority responds to Mubarak leaks about Arafat

Radwan calls upon resistance to bear its responsibility towards Jerusalem

PA ambassador in Cairo: Rafah crossing to open three days next week

Palestinian talks fall off the radar
They’re DOA for 45 years

Anyone know what is this blue ink Israeli army used yesterday in Jerusalem? what chemical.

Lebanon concerned over Syrian refugees

#BREAKING | Hundreds of Israeli occupation police and colonialists storm the Masjid Al-Aqsa now!!

Gaza’s Rafah crossing with Egypt has disastrously come under the influence of the divided Palestinian leadership

Old fragile man goes to Aqsa for Friday prayer, comes home injured after assault by Israeli Defense Forces
Doesn’t break his spirit.

Egypt to open Rafah crossing for 3 days

Egypt: Hostile environment for refugees. How long will the international community remain indifferent?

Hamas slams Egypt’s foreign minister for threatening to attack Gaza

65 Killed  years ago, Bernadotte was committed to Palestinian refugees’ right to return

PA deputy minister of information meets US officials

IOA closed Karm Abu Salem crossing for four days

Top players in Islamophobia industry paid over $150,000 per year

PHOTO | #AqsaUnderAttack |
المسجد الأقصى صباح اليوم

Several Palestinians Suffocated after IOF Stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque

40 Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli police in al-Quds

AOHR: US is partner in crimes against the Aqsa

PHOTOS | Clashes as youths resist Israeli forces’s assaults in Bethlehem – Sept 24, 2013
North Bethlehem – confrontations between youths and Israeli forces, near the Bilal bin Rabah Mosque.

Photos by  Ahmed Mazhar – WAFA

PHOTOS | #AqsaUnderAttack | Israeli forces suppressed a peaceful march in Jerusalem – Sept 24, 2013

G4S complicit in Israel’s jailing & Torture: To secure pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia


Dozens Injured In Jerusalem, Two Kidnapped

YOU Condemned THIS
| #OpenRafahBorder Petition

How Gaza destruction led me to declare jihad on arms industry. David Cronin’s latest for EUobserver (@euobs)

The hard work for the completion of construction work of the memorial of martyr Basim Abu Rahmah Bil’in

When a soldier is killed, Israeli army terrorizes Hebron. When a Palestinian is killed, no one is held accountable

61 Palestinians died due to Israeli occupation
The names & stories

#BREAKING | #AqsaUnderAttack | Heavy Israeli army presence surrounding aqsa readying for armed settler incursion now!

Over 2,500 Israelis invade Nablus area

HORRIFIC VIDEO | Vicious settler attack leaves 15-year-old in need of hospitalisation

Marabouts at Al-Aqsa thwart the attempts to break in

Rouhani’s speech ‘cynical’, ‘full of hypocrisy’: Netanyahu | News , Middle East | THE DAILY STAR

“Likud to Convene to Torpedo Negotiations”

At Least 25 Palestinians Injured In Hebron

Khudari praises Moon and Pillay’s calls to end Gaza siege

Why remembering 19-year-old Jihad Aslan and other victims of Israel’s colonialism is essential | by @Budour48

Israeli forces injure several Palestinians at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli forces hands over evacuation notice to Palestinian in Bethlehem

Israeli police prevent Palestinians under 45 from entering Al-Aqsa

Palestinians protest against the Judaization of Jerusalem and al- Aqsa

Obama urges world to take risks for Mideast peace

Following up zionist/US orders of incitement:
Egypt warns of ‘harsh’ response against Hamas

Gaza govt slams ‘Egyptian media incitement’

Fighters Clash With Soldiers Invading Central Gaza

Three Palestinians arrested overnight in West Bank

#BREAKING | The occupation forces withdraw from Al-Aqsa Mosque towards Dung gate and open the gates of Al-Qibali Mosque

Israeli soldier stops mixed Jewish-Arab couples & gives their ID’s to Jewish Supremacist group for shaming campaign

In zhe meanwhile:
#Israel invites hate pastors & holocaust deniers in Knesset
(As long as they are of use of course)

Feast of Tabernacles Conference: The Christian Zionists Lobby Has Returned

Hypocricy of Obama and begging by Abbas- by Mazin Qumsiyeh …

Terrible news for Netanyahu: Iran’s Rouhani calls the Holocaust a reprehensible crime against Jews …

Israel’s chemical weapons don’t matter? #syria …

NNG: Israel the only ‘warmonger’ as Obama pledges diplomacy with Iran

Egged on by Netanyahu, Jewish settlers set to re-occupy Palestinian family home they took by violence in 2012

Newsletter Issued by CPDS Gaza, Monitoring Israeli Crimes & Violations – Sept 24, 2013

At Least 25 Palestinians Injured In Al Khalil: Al Khalil - Tuesday evening [September 24, 2013] Palestini…

Occupation forces stormed Al Aqsa and trying to expel worshippers. قبل قليل…قوات الاحتلال تقتحم باحات المسجد…

Dozens injured in clashes in Jerusalem

Worshipers gather in al-Aqsa to prevent incursions in the mosque

VIDEO | Rouhani (@HassanRouhani) Speech at the United Nations General Assembly – Sept 24, 2013

UN human rights office urges Israel to halt mass demolition of Bedouin structures bc IT IS AGAINST INTL LAW …

First patient in Gaza dies after recent closure of Rafah Crossing with Egypt

Alert: Global solidarity with Hares Boys – Protests across world for Palestinian children tortured & caged in Israel

Private Sector in Gaza loses 100 Million Dollars amid siege – (press release)

Aqsa closed again this morning

Hebron’s Abu Rajab family hasn’t been able to live in its house since Israeli settlers invaded it in April 2012

“Only God knows” in Gaza, under cruel Israeli-Egyptian siege ~ by @ShahdAbusalama

Penn for Palestine hosts discussion of ‘Shattered Hopes’ – The Daily Pennsylvanian

Israel’s killing of five young Palestinians exposes “peace” talks as charade

Israeli forces attack Palestinians

Israeli colonel suing UK National Health Service says he’s fighting “delegitimization” of Israel

Brazilian president Rousseff: US surveillance a ‘breach of international law’ …

Obama urges two-state solution for Israel and Palestine at wapo
Reality: #US funds ANY move to a NO STATE solution!

The sole process is a
NOState of Palestine-Process …

Israel running desperate now! …

‘Maybe it’s better not to dream,’ says Gaza student stopped at border ~ @Mondoweiss

Bibi must be sharpening his crayons for the new #edition of his ‘Bomb’
What he forgot to mention when he drew his 1st

What’s the deadline for Israel’s removal of

When arms industry calls the shots, Israel stands to benefit | by David Cronin (@dvcronin)

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


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