Patient prisoner Shemali’s family calls for his release

[ PIC 26/09/2013 – 11:27 AM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– The family of the patient prisoner Abdul-Jabbar Shemali, 34, from Araba village in Jenin, called on human rights organizations and Doctors Without Borders to intervene to save their son’s life.

The patient prisoner’s family has told Ahrar center that their son suffers severe back pain and needs an urgent surgery which the IPS refused to carry out.

He suffers from severe hoarseness that led to losing his ability to speak, the family added, warning of serious deterioration in his health.

Fuad al-Khuffash, the director of the center, confirmed that Shemali was in good health condition before his arrest, however due to the Israeli difficult detention conditions he started suffering many health problems and illness.

Nearly 30 Palestinian patient prisoners are currently detained in Eichel prison including three cancer patients suffering severe health deterioration due to the Israeli deliberate medical negligence.

The patient prisoner Shemali was arrested in June 2001 where he was sentenced to 27 years on charges of carrying out a “subversive operation”.

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