Young men suffer gunshot wounds in IOF quelling of peaceful demo

[ PIC 26/09/2013 – 08:53 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– A number of Palestinian young men suffered gunshot wounds near Jalazoun refugee camp to the north of Ramallah on Wednesday night at the hands of Israeli occupation forces (IOF).

The PIC reporter said that Mohammed Zumra, 23, was hit with a live bullet in his chest and was admitted to hospital for urgent surgery while Mohammed Samiya, 19, was hit with another live bullet in his thigh.

He added that other young men were hit with metal bullets including one in the head.

Dozens of young men took to the streets to protest the Israeli violent storming of the Aqsa Mosque. They marched to the nearby settlement of Beit El but were confronted by IOF soldiers and violent clashes ensued.

Other confrontations were reported in Silwad town to the east of Ramallah between young men and IOF soldiers.

Eyewitnesses said that three IOF patrols and infantry soldiers set up a roadblock between Silwad and Yabrod village after the confrontations.

In a third such incident, young men threw stones at IOF soldiers at the Ofer crossing near the Ofer jail to the west of Ramallah in the evening.

The PIC reporter said that a number of young men managed to toss Molotov cocktails on the nearby IOF army base that started fires inside it.

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