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آخر الأخبار والتحديثات
Sept 27,  2013 | 2435 Days Since Al-Nakba – Gaza is under siege for 2299 days
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"The entire enter¬prise of a Jew¬ish state in Palestine is built upon an express rejec¬tion of interna¬tional law." ~ Brayer. Click to read about Palestinian Resistance: The Political, Social and Human Right of Self-Defense

The entire enterprise of a Jewish state in Palestine is built upon an express rejection of international law.” ~ Brayer.
Click to read about Palestinian Resistance: The Political, Social and Human Right of Self-Defense


#GazaUnderAttack | Sept 24, 2013 | Full List of 233 Documented Israeli Cease Fire Violations – Updated

Live Blog | Israel outsources the Gaza Siege to Egypt (updated)

Live Blog | Al-Aqsa Under Attack

Live Blog | Israeli soldier killed by Palestinian resistance sniper fire in Hebron

Live Blog | Israeli soldiers roughen up EU diplomat, confiscate aid supplies for Palestinians (Updated with Video)

Palestinian youths express anger against Israeli aggression in Jerusalem

Israeli forces clash with Palestinians

Israel injures 5 Palestinians at Gaza demonstration

2 injured in clashes in Nablus

VIDEO | Jerusalem defies the Judaization

“Paradise Now” director tackles taboo of collaboration in new film

PHOTOS | Israel violently suppressed Second Intifada commemoration demos – Sept 27, 2013

Live Blog | Al-Aqsa Under Attack | #AlAqsaUnderAttack #AlQuds #AlAqsa #Palestine #Gaza

Illegal Israeli settlers set 2 cars on fire near Ramallah

Mubarak says the road to Washington runs through Tel Aviv …

Checkpoint Washington: Netanyahu: ‘America is a thing you can move very easily

Israeli forces clash with Palestinian protesters on Intifada anniversary

It’s time to kill Zionist vampire at @PressTV

#Kerry: #Iran deal possible in 3 months
Yet world powers don’t succeed ratifying #Israel’s arsenal in PAST 20YEARS

French diplomat who tussled with Border Police in the West Bank to leave post at Jerusalem consulate by end of 2013

WATCH: Video from today’s demonstration in #Qaddum …

PHOTO | Ar-Ram #Jerusalem, youth launching fireworks in direction of occupation soldiers today.

IAEA hails ‘constructive’ Iran talks
Now wait till Israel joins the proliferation treaty

Yah! Palestinian forces r stopping Palestinians from protesting in Qalqilia Tulkerem & Jenin working hand in hand with Israelis

Israeli army is using live ammunition against unarmed Palestinian protestors in Alkhalil right now several injuries reported.

Gaza suffers from the worst and longest blockade

Married but separated by Occupiers’ “Laws”: A honeymoon apart ~ by @Sameeha88

Sponsor of apartheid laws gets red carpet treatment in Brussels

Heartwrenching and Outrageous: The Palestinian worker left to bleed to death in Tel Aviv

Clashes in central Hebron

Injuries reported after Ramallah-area clashes

Clashes in Jerusalem after Aqsa ban

#BREAKING | 3 soldiers lightly wounded in clashes with Palestinian youth in the area near Damascus Gate

#BREAKING | #Ramallah medical sources: 5 injure by rubber coated steel bullets, dozens cases suffocation in clashes near Ofer

An undercover Israeli soldier from the ‘mistaravim’ special unit, disguised as an old Palestinian man, arrests a…

British MPs renew allegiance to Israel

For your information: From 2006 to 2012 Israel violated Lebanese sovereignty 20,865 times in violation with UNSC

VIDEO | Evacuation of wounded near the Nahal Oz crossing after Israeli attack on demo – Sept 27, 2013

The @abcnews covers breakup of Gaza demoby #Israel but neglects to cover 233 cease fire violations by the occupier

PHOTOS: Kufr #Qaddum weekly demonstration

Rouhani moves ‘nuclear ball’ to Israel’s court

Fatah’s military wing says former leader living in UAE is planning coup

Reminder: Health of prisoner Hussam Za’anin deteriorates

Most Moral Army in the World:  Soldiers Detain, Beat, Four Children Near Bethlehem

Rouhani statement on the Holocaust should lead to reconsideration of Ahmadinejad’s similar message

Yesterday, IOF arrested 8 Palestinians in al-Khalil and Bethlehem during it’s daily pogroms around West Bank

#BREAKING | #Gaza now  #فلسطين #غزة – Photo via @AsmaaRK

PHOTO | #BabAlAmoud clashes

“Every Jewish community needs at least one Arab … who will repair my fridge when it breaks down on the Sabbath?”

Patient prisoner Shemali’s family calls for his release | @ICRC @MSF_USA @PHR_IL @Amnesty

Five Palestinians Kidnapped In Hebron

Live Blog | The Genocide on Palestinian Refugees in Syria (Febr 6, Last update Sept 27, 2013)

Official: 250,000 Palestine refugees fled Syria camps

Through local partner Association Najdeh, we’re providing psychosocial support to displaced Palestinians from Syria:

Today in Qaddum: A protester running through a cloud of tear gas during the weekly demonstration in the West Bank…

Interior Ministry: We are ready to address any Israeli aggression

Gazan student shows that necessity is the mother of all inventions

Abbas addresses the United Nations General Assembly

On Wednesday, our people in Jerusalem showered shoes at the IOF as “a powerful message of rejection and defiance”

Demonstration in Kfer Qaddum 27.9.2013 …

Tunisian president calls for Morsi’s release and opening of Gaza crossings –  @MiddleEastMnt

Hundreds of academics call for boycott of Hebrew University conference in 2014

Photos from today’s protest in Nabi Saleh

PA debt to East Jerusalem hospitals tops $28 million

Undercover Israeli policemen detain a Palestinian man during clashes between Israeli security forces and…

A picture showing an Israeli soldier falling on his back during the ongoing clashes at the entrance of Al-Ram…

Food insecurity has increased from 44 per cent to 57 per cent in
#Gaza primarily because of the prolonged blockade.

Already BACK in 2010
#MSM buried documents and reports
By #Israel On #Gaza

Occupation prevents Palestinians from praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque

Food insecurity in #Gaza has reached 57%

Why are Israel’s worst racists welcome in European Parliament?

#Bethlehem | Al-Aqsa Friday: Palestinian protesters burn the Israeli watch tower in #Aida refugee camp today….

PHOTO | Great photo from #Gaza, youth buffer zone and defying the violence of zionist occupation

#UPDATE | So far 15 wounded in #Hebron area
#UPDATE | A lrage number, over 1000 youth resisting Israeli occupation forces at 3 locations in Hebron

Children scarred by Israeli mind-control
#FF @A4PC for Human Rights of the Palestinian Child

#BREAKING | Another protestor shot with LIVE ammunition in the leg in #Hebron #Palestine

Molotov cocktails hurled at Israeli jeep that tried to approach Bab Al Zawiya, Hebron via @PAL_1948

PHOTO | From Nahal Oz East of #Gaza

#BREAKING | Clashes broke out in 3 areas of Northern Hebron Arrub, beit Ummar & Halhul

#AlAqsaIntifada: Israeli forces fire stun grenades into homes in Saadia neighborhood in Jerusalem and take over roof

PHOTO | shortly before, Palestinian woman pepper sprayed by a zionist soldiers (Pachdanim!!)

BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS | Harvesting Dates in Gaza

Violent clashes in Hebron as Israeli occupation forces attack Palestinian youth via @PAL_1948

#BREAKING | The arrest of Mohammad and Yousef Al-Atrash in Ras Al-Amoud after the Israeli soldiers and Musta’ribin unit raided the area

صور..مستوطنون يعتدون بالضرب على اطفال حي القرمي
More photos of lunatic settlers

Nabil Fahmi commits to Palestinian cause but still threatens Gaza

Occupation forces attacked photographers and journalists in Jerusalem clashes today

Political Arrests: PA forces arrest 6 students of Islamic bloc, summon 4 of Hamas activists

To give air of authenticity to its “conflict” with him Israel’s UN delegates walked out of their puppet Abbas’ speech …

PHOTO | #Bilin, Non violent demo attacked by #Israel forces a moment ago

#BREAKING | Amazing picture of youth resisting attacks on non violent demo Photo

PHOTO | Also in #Bilin Israeli army attacks non violent protesters, earlier ago

#BREAKING | Clashes in Shu’fat Refugee camp | Photo

#BREAKING | Demonstrator shot in the head with rubber coated steel bullet & taken to hospital #Hebron
#BREAKING | A TV camerman of Quds TV was injured in the neck east of Gaza and was treated at the scene

#BREAKING | Ongoing clashes between youth resisting zionist forces Shuhada and Shalala street #hebron v

#BREAKING | Confrontations going on of youth resisting zionist forces in Shalala street #Hebron Photo v @abedaziz11

PHOTO | Weapons used today by IOF wearing bombs and protection on non violent unarmed protesters

PHOTO | Injured at Bahal Oz #Gaza concern suffocation cases via.@abedaziz11

#BREAKING |  Isreali Occupation raid Palestinian homes in Bab Hetta in Jerusalem and occupy their roofs.
#BREAKING | Also clashes broke out at Aida refugee camp in #Bethlehem

#UPDATE | Arrests, Injuries During #Clashes in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem

#BREAKING | Clashes broke out a Shu’fat refugee camp checkpoint where zionist troops fired tear gas at protesters
#BREAKING | Youth resisting throw molotov cocktails during clashes with zionist forces in Beit Ummar North of Hebron

Clashes in the souq in #Hebron Israeli soldiers shooting rubber-coated steel bullets at protestors

One of the casualties from east Gaza demonstrations.. Now

Ministers’ statements on borders expose depth of racism and extremism in Israeli politics

Men and women demonstrating in Gaza now at Nahal Oz siege gate. Photo via @AsemAlnabeh

#AlAqsaIntifada Israeli Occupation forces arrested 20+ Palestinians in clashes in Jerusalem until now.

Kabaha: Political detention is national, religious and moral crime

#Breaking::4 Palestinians wounded by the Israeli forces in Jerusalem

Israelis impose severe restrictions on Muslims entering Al-Aqsa Mosque

#BREAKING | Youth injured by a rubber coated steel bullet in the neck #BabHatta

Aid worker with Palestinian father refused entry to Israel

#AlAqsaIntifada: Israeli Occupation Forces fire towards the protesters in East Shojae’ya, Gaza

PHOTO | Conforntations now at Damascus Gate in #Jerusalem

PHOTO | #Hebron, shortly before at Shalala Street

#BREAKING |  #Jerusalem Damascus gate, relative calm after prev. arrests & clashes with IOF

#BREAKING | Clashes reported at the entrance of the village of Issawiya via.@silwanic

#BREAKING | Jenin: The Palestinian authority security forces in Jenin prevent the Palestinian youths from.

Youth in trying to pick up a tear gas cannister launched at them in #Gaza Photo via @GazaNews_Brk @AsemAlnabeh

#BREAKING | In #Hebron Israeli occupation forces are now attacking journalists and photographers
#Jerusalem | Occupied Palestine: The #IOF arrest a Palestinian citizen in Ras Al-Amud area. Photo by: صور…

Photos | Now Live from Hebron of ongoinc clashes in Shalala Street via.@PAL_1948

#BREAKING! | Clashes started in Jerusalem! As soon as prayer was over Israeli army charged with horses – NO provocation!

Hamas organizes a mass rally in support of Al-Aqsa in Gaza

The Holocaust cannot be used to justify Israel’s abuse of Palestinians
I don’t like this headline. IT IS USED 65years

في الذكرى الـ 13 للانتفاضة.. دعوات لانتفاضة ثالثة

المواطن وائل أبو سعدة.. ضحية تشديد حصار غزة (تقرير)

Palestinian poetry resists Israeli occupation

#BREAKING | #NOW Israeli occupation forces spead throughout the old town of

Know, that destruction of trees is a severe transgression in Judaism: It transgresses the mitzvah of “Bal Tashchit”

Also increasing the attacks on trees/agriculture by Israel
Causing a 60% Deficit in Olive Production

Settlers burn olive trees in Sarta

Do U Know?
Israel destroyed >2,5 million trees (pg31)
Yet boasts about agriculture development

Israel is tightening the seige and preventing Palestinian vehicles from getting to the old city of Jerusalem

ACT FOR PALESTINE’S CHILDREN! This is an excellent day to follow @A4PC and to check out & sign your pledge at

PCHR Weekly Report: Israeli troops injure 14 civilians, including 4 children this week


Today, Sep 27th, the 13rd anniversary of Intifade Al-Aqsa, activists will be protesting outside G4S headquarters…

For previous aggression by #Israel on non-violent demos at #AlAqsa watch:
Al-Aqsa Mosque Sept 25, 2013

More about the zionist occupation’s plan of destruction of #AlAqsa & Judaization of #AlQuds (#Jerusalem)

MSM silence: No option in 2013
U white chair journos are complicit in silencing & covering up crimes on humanity

For #Israel a “CALM” =  MSM SHUTS UP
While it violate cease-fire 233 TIMES: KILLING 6 PEOPLE!
All attacks documented

Even when not a single rock(et) is thrown mind you!

Israel murders Palestinian Youths: What Peace Process?

No only #Israel illegal arms kill(ed)

WATCH: IDF bars Israelis from joining Palestinian protest against settler concert
Even after impact

“Engagement” with Israeli institutions” only serves to “numb” sensitivity to brutal realities in Palestine

Israel KILLS by deprivation of Healthcare in Gaza
Art 55-56 of 4th Geneva Convention clearly establish that Israel..

30% of essential medicines are at zero stock in the Gaza Ministry of Health’s central drug store, according to UN

Israel: Running the largest child detention “facility” in this world: over 850.000 kids effectively jailed in #Gaza

“Only God knows” in Gaza, under cruel Israeli-Egyptian siege ~ by @ShahdAbusalama
Read! Rage! Share! Tweet! Blast!

Gaza Students Stranded by Rafah Border Closure – Al-Monitor

Palestinian leader urges world powers to rein in Israeli settlements

Abbas At UN: “It Is Time For Peace”

B’Tselem “proud” partner of war criminals, enemies of Palestinian rights

Must see photos: Second Intifada at  @SMPalestine

The Second #Intifada in Photos

Remembering the second Intifada

Today, Sep 27th, the 13rd anniversary of Intifadet Al-Aqsa, activists will be protesting outside G4S headquarters.

Hundreds of academics call for boycott of Hebrew University conference in 2014 (Ali Abunimah, The…

In Norway Divestment Flap, Leviev Company Admits Gilo Construction, but Denies Gilo Is Israeli Settlement …

@BDs4Justice: A friend of mine from university is running this kickstar, he is producing children’s book with “character” – SUPPORT …

Aqsa closed today again for Friday prayers!

British friends of Israel seek to turn the pro-Palestinian tide in universities

Will Jewish incursions at Temple Mount provoke a new intifada? (Op-Edge by @Robert_Bridge)

Act 4 Palestinian Children | #AC4P

Our pledge demands are taken from FCO-funded, independent legal report here which found Israel in breach of international law & made 40 recommendations. 

  • #a4pcpledge 1. An end to Israel’s nighttime raids & shackling of Palestinian children
  • #a4pcpledge 2. Audio-visual recordings of all interrogations.
  • #a4pcpledge 3. Parents given right to be present during questioning & child’s right to access lawyer
  • #a4pcpledge 4. An end to transfer of children to prisons inside Israel in breach of Article 76 of 4th Geneva Convention
  • #a4pcpledge 5. An end to the use of solitary confinement

Sign here: 

Bibi must be sharpening his crayons for the new #edition of his ‘Bomb’
What he forgot to mention when he drew his 1st

What’s the deadline for Israel’s removal of

When arms industry calls the shots, Israel stands to benefit | by David Cronin (@dvcronin)

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin

Stop the Prawer Plan. Click to read all about the ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of Palestinian Bedouin


This Blog is (Still) Censored by Google – Content Control to Mute News from Occupied Palestine

Latest update June 14, 2013 | Google admits to have manually censored this blog


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