Political Arrests: PA forces arrest 6 students of Islamic bloc, summon 4 of Hamas activists

[ PIC 27/09/2013 – 09:38 AM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– The PA Intelligence services have arrested six students of the Islamic Bloc at An-Najah National University on Thursday.

Five students have been arrested in Nablus after being chased by PA forces while getting out of university, the Islamic Bloc said. The students were preparing for an exhibition in support of al-Aqsa mosque.

The students’ arrest was in coordination with the university guards, the sources added.

The Islamic bloc strongly condemned the arbitrary arrest of its members by PA forces warning of its serious implications.

The bloc called on the Reconciliation Commission and wise men in Fatah movement to intervene to stop persecuting the Palestinian students and to put an end to political arrests.

It also called on PA forces to devote themselves to resist the occupation that escalated recently its attacks against al-Aqsa mosque.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority security apparatus have arrested a leader in Hamas movement in al-Khalil, and a liberated prisoner from Nablus, in addition to summoning two freed captives for interrogation.

In al-Khalil, the PA Preventive Security services arrested the leader in Hamas movement Sheikh Omar Qawasmi, one of Marj al-Zohour deportees, while he was leaving his workplace at school. He spent seven years in Israeli jails.

The Preventive Security Service stormed the leader’s house several weeks ago where they handed him a summons but he refused to respond to it.

Sheikh Qawasmi’s family confirmed that the PA forces have repeatedly raided his house in an attempt to undermine Qawasmi’s spirits.

The Preventive Security soldiers have summoned two liberated prisoners from al-Khalil, Haron Awawda a few days after his release from Israeli jails and Sheikh Sharif Awawda who suffers from a weakness in his sight.

In Nablus, the PA Intelligence services arrested the liberated prisoner Samer Awda after raiding his home in Hawara twon south of the city. Samer has spent more than two years in addition to being arrested nearly 20 times by PA forces.

On the other hand, the PA security services have set the political detainee Haitham Aqraa’s trial on Thursday. The preventive security has also extended the arrest of the political detainee Mohammed Nasasra who was arrested 5 days ago.

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