PHOTOS | Ongoing suffering at Rafah Border in Gaza claimed second life of 1 day old baby

Sept 28, 2013 | Updated Sept 30, 2013

Although mainstream media is reporting Egypt opened the border and restrictions have been lifted after a long lasting closure, only 62 people were allowed to leave Gaza and about 120 returned.

The obstruction of the entry and exit was to blame on an alleged computer network failure on the Egyptian side of Rafah Border.

Today, the siege on Gaza and closure of Rafah border claimed the life of a one day old baby. The mother, was forced to stay in a cafetaria near by the crossing overnight and lost her newborn child.

This is the second victim of the closure as earlier this week a patient deceased due to limitations of traveling abroad for treatment.

Although media keeps being silent on the 233 documented Israeli cease fire violations, Israel also kills without attacks, simply by policy or by ‘outsourcing’ these in line with it’s siege to Egypt.

Even when you do not see nor hear bombs, in real life or on your TV, people are dying in the siege which policies are causing a Slow Death of Gaza.

Photos by Safa

September 29, 2013

Photos by Raya


Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

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