WB youths: Youth movement is targeting the occupation and cannot be stopped

[ PIC 29/09/2013 – 07:23 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– Jenin and many other sites are witnessing during these days clashes between the occupation soldiers and large numbers of Palestinian youths, because of the Israeli raids.

Youth activist Bilal Nassar told PIC’s correspondent: “This young generation is no longer able to remain silent vis-à-vis the settlement activity and the occupation provocative practices. They are leading the confrontations that erupt whenever the occupation storms the region.”

He stressed that these young people, between the ages of 17 and 22 years, are expressing a general state of anger and aim to recreate the spirit of resistance in the West Bank.

The activist Walid Yassin told to PIC’s correspondent that the youth groups have chosen the option of resistance in its different forms; they are escalating their confrontations with the occupation at the points of contact and are forming a front for rejection of negotiations and normalization.

He added: “There are a lot of youth groups that have recently begun operating in the fight against normalization in the West Bank and had made ​​significant contributions in exposing many cases of normalization.”

For her part, youth activist Lama Tawil revealed that the PA security forces have been chasing these groups by arresting its members, questioning them and exposing them to threats.

She added that these PA’s methods are no longer relevant as this young generation does not fear the threats. They seek to change the Palestinian reality and work on achieving the unity of all Palestinians in the light of the resistance.

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