PA security sent a force to Jenin to intimidate the citizens

[ PIC 03/10/2013 – 04:26 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– PA security leadership sent on Wednesday 800 security elements to the city of Jenin, to prove that the PA is able to suppress any moves against it, after the recent events in the city following the killing of Islam Toubasi.

Jenin city and its refugee camp have witnessed a wave of protests against the practices of the PA security agencies following the assassination of Toubasi.

Governor of Jenin Talal Dweikat said that the aim of bringing this force is to send message that the PA will crack down on any moves against it, especially after the clashes between its security apparatuses and the angry citizens following the martyrdom of Toubasi.

Youth activist Mohammed Nassar told PIC’s correspondent that the PA security leaders are deliberately linking the chaos with the resistance in an attempt to intimidate the citizens and deter the resistance forces in Jenin.

Sa’id Zakarneh, a resident in Jenin, said that bringing such force to send a message to intimidate the citizens is an unacceptable language and has failed many times before.

He added: “the Authority is required to resort to the language of dialogue and not the language of threat.”

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