Anti-normalization activists warn: normalization is spreading in West Bank

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WEST BANK, (PIC)– According to some reports, the activities of normalization with Israel have significantly escalated in different fields, under the auspices of leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah movement.

The Palestinian National Committee for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel (BDS) condemned in a statement on Thursday the participation of Palestinian officials in meetings and projects with the occupation.

Anti-normalization activist, Ashraf Awad, told PIC’s correspondent: “in recent months, we have monitored a remarkable growth in the activities of normalization that included political meetings with the Israeli party leaders, and parliamentary meetings between parliamentarians from Fatah and their counterparts from the Knesset.”

He added that the last of these meetings was held in Budapest mid-September with the participation of five Jewish parliamentarians, and Palestinian figures, including an MP.

BDS in its report also condemned “the Third Conference on the Middle East for the enforcement of the law,” which was organized by the leadership of the Palestinian police for three days in Jericho with the participation of the Director of the Israeli police and a number of Israeli and American departmental directors and officers.

It described this conference as a dangerous precedent, adding that such meetings enhance the security coordination approach, which has provided cover for the occupation’s ongoing aggression against the people.

For her part, the activist Mona al-Tawil told PIC’s correspondent that the activities of normalization are part of the political corruption and harm the Palestinian cause and the boycott campaigns in the world.

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