IPS continues to isolate severely tortured Nahar al-Saadi for the 5th month

[ PIC 05/10/2013 – 08:11 AM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) continued to isolate the Palestinian prisoner Nahar al-Saadi, 32, for the fifth month in a row without any legal justification, preventing him from family visits.

The isolated prisoner in Rimonim prison Nahar al-Saadi, serving 4 life sentences and 20 years, was isolated since the 21st of May under the pretext of “the secret file”, the lawyer Hanan al-Khatib said.

The lawyer, who visited him a couple of days ago, quoted the prisoner as saying that he was transferred in February from Ramon prison to Jalama detention center where he was subjected to severe torture during his investigation for a whole month.

He was then brought back to Ramon prison following the investigation where he spent a month and a half before being transferred anew to Jalama prison.

An Israeli military court sentenced him to one month isolation with the possibility of extension, claiming that he poses a threat to the Israeli security, he explained.

The isolated prisoner denied the Israeli charges, pointing out that the court’s order includes a ban on family visits.

Nahar al-Saadi, who has been arrested since 2003, suffers from severe chest and spine pains in addition to breathing problems.

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