PA forces wage suppressive raid campaign in Jenin

[ PIC 05/10/2013 – 12:52 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– PA security forces launched at dawn Saturday a raid and search campaign in Jenin refugee camp.

Nearly 200 PA security patrols stormed at 01.00 am (local time) the refugee camp where they closed all entrances to the camp, west of Jenin city, eyewitnesses told PIC reporter.

The PA forces roamed the camp’s alleys and deployed in its streets before they violently raided several Palestinian houses.

The PA security elements brutally attacked and beat the houses’ owners as they searched and damaged their properties, local sources said.

The raid campaign also included resistance leaders’ houses. The PA forces savagely broken into the leader in Jihad movement Sheikh Bassam Saadi’s house and confiscated the family computer.

They also raided the leader’s brother Mahmoud Saadi’s house and arrested his two sons, in addition to storming the prisoner Hilal Saadi’s house although it is uninhabited.

A state of outrage and tension prevailed among the citizens in Jenin camp following the PA raid campaign, saying that it came as part of the PA and Israeli forces security coordination especially that the camp is subjected to daily Israeli break-ins.

The PIC correspondent said that the raid campaign in Jenin refugee camp came few hours after PA head of government Dr. Rami Hamdallah’s visit to the city of Jenin where he affirmed that security campaigns would continue.

Jenin refugee camp recently witnessed three consecutive Israeli assassinations against three Palestinians without any PA security forces’ interference.

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