WhatsApp’s website hacked briefly by pro-Palestine protestors

Oct 8, 2013 | Tech2

Popular cross-platform messaging application WhatsApp’s website was hacked and defaced earlier this afternoon. The website displayed a pro-Palestine message during the period it was hacked but has now returned to normal functionality.

At about 3 PM IST Tuesday afternoon, WhatsApp’s home page was hacked into by miscreants. The website’s title read, “You Got Pwned” and showed a page with pro-Palestine messages. A group called KDMS Team took credit for the attack on the page itself, according to CNET.

Pro-Palestine messages were displayed

Pro-Palestine messages were displayed

It has been revealed that according to the Whois database, WhatsApp’s IP address record was changed on Tuesday. The database can be used to see what IP address is assigned to which Internet domain. So when a user types in “whatsapp.com”, he would be redirected to this website.

While the hackers did not make any demands, they hosted messages that aimed to put focus on the plight of rife-torn region of Palestine. “Palestinian people has the right to live in peace,” it read, “Deserve to liberate their land and release all prisoners from Israeli jails.”

As of 4 PM IST, the situation seems to be under control and the website is back to normal. According to Graham Culey, the hacking bore resemblance to hacking and defacement of AVG Anti-Virus’ website earlier today. KDMS too took credit for the defacement of the website and the pro-Palestine messages displayed on it. The modus operandi of the group seemed to be the same as the WhatsApp hack, with the change in the website’s DNS records redirecting users to a different IP address. (end)



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