PRESS RELEASE: New music video by Gaza’s ‘new generation’ calls for unity ~ by @docjazzmusic

Friday, 11 October 2013 | Musical Intifada | Dr. Tariq Shadid aka Doc Jazz

Al Jeel Al Jadeed

Al Jeel Al Jadeed

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – GAZA, October 11th 2013 – Prolific Palestinian artist Doc Jazz, known for his ‘Musical Intifada’ and his vast repertoire of pro-Palestinian songs, has released a new song called ‘Al Jeel Al Jadeed’.

The title of the song, which is in Arabic, means ‘The New Generation’. Launched on Youtube on October 11th, 2013 with a music video directed by Palestinian artist and student of English literature Shahd Abusalama, it features around 20 Palestinian youths in the cast.
Many of these youths are well-known among Palestine sympathizers for their social media activism on Twitter and in the blogosphere, such as Walaa Al Ghussein, Eman Sourani and Majed Abusalama.
The song, possibly the first of its kind, is a call upon the Arab world to end sectarian strife, with a message of equality, unity and the acceptance of cultural and ideological diversity. It invites its listeners to solve their differences through dialogue instead of violence, and to embrace one another as brothers and sisters in humanity.
The video on Youtube has English subtitles, in an effort to make this important call accessible to non-Arabic speakers. In fact, its call extends beyond the Arab world in its universal message.
The music video features energetic Palestinian youths in a colorful and positive setting, expressing their hopes for a better future. The song has a relatively fast-paced beat that is rather unconventional in the Arab world, with a sound that is not quite oriental but breathes a distinctive modern flavor of its own.
The artist’s web site has the lyrics of the song, including a translation of the lyrics. The mp3 version of the song is expected to be made available for download in the coming weeks.

Doc Jazz can be contacted by email on docjazz(a), or through the message box at the bottom of The Musical Intifada website at




Words, music, instruments, vocals, recording/mixing: Doc Jazz
Mastering: Kevin Kearney

All rights reserved

Scheduled date of release: October 11th 2013

Screenshot from 'Al Jeel Al Jadeed'Screenshot from ‘Al Jeel Al Jadeed’Screenshot from ‘Al Jeel Al Jadeed’الجيل الجديد – دكتور جاز

يا عالم شوفو شو اللي عم بيصير
ما في سلامة و ما في امان
و كل الضحايا من الجماهير
هم اللي بيعانوا من العدوان

مين بيدفع ثمن كل هالتغييرات
الا المواطن الفقير الغلبان
بين المطالب و بين الشعارات
بتسمع صرخة من الطفل الجوعان


إن شاء الله بتهون و ما رح تزيد
والمحبة هي الحل الوحيد

عندي إحساس زي كل الناس
و الطائفية ما لها اساس
و عندي احلام وما هي اوهام
نعيش مع سوى بالسلام

الجيل الجديد     عنده امال
ما بيرضى على هل إنقسامم
وحدة الناس هي المقياس
و بتقضي على عصر الآم


طب قولولي وين الإحترام
الأخوية والمحبة بالذات
شو هو المجتمع بدون انتظام
فوضة خطيرة عالشباب والبنات

نترك مجال للرأي والإختلاف
بدون ما نوقع في سفك الدماء
و الأمل انه يتم الانكشاف
على جذور الوحدة والإنتماء


People, look at what is happening
There is no well-being, there is no safety
All victims are from among the population
They are the ones who suffer from the aggression

Who pays the price for all these changes?
Only the citizen, impoverished and overwhelmed
Among the demands and the slogans
You can hear the scream of a hungry child


God willing, it will pass, and won’t get worse
And love is the only solution

I have a feeling, like everyone else
And sectarianism has no basis
And I have dreams, they are not illusions
That we can live together in peace

The New Generation has hopes
And does not accept these divisions
The unity of the people is the standard
And will eliminate this age of pain

So tell me, what happened to respect?
And especially, to brotherliness and love?
What’s a society without regulation?
The chaos endangers the young men and women

Let’s leave room for opinions and differences
Without falling into bloodshed
And our hope is that the roots
of unity and belonging will be uncovered

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