Coup junta must stop threatening Gaza ~ by Khalid Amayreh


[ PIC 13/10/2013 – 09:31 PM ]

By Khalid Amayreh

Political figures affiliated with the puppet government of Egypt continue to make virtually daily threats against the Palestinian people in Gaza. The recurrent threats to invade Gaza and murder and maim Palestinians, say pundits in both Egypt and occupied Palestine, is a reflection of the failure and moral bankruptcy of the Sisi coup.

Sisi, the treacherous Egyptian defense minister who overthrew the only democratically-elected President in Egypt’s entire history had claimed that he intended to restore true democracy.

However, a 100 days into the bloody coup, Egypt is drenched in blood and becoming a failed state where massacres of innocent civilians are committed with impunity nearly on a daily basis and where the country’s justice system, which would have been the people’s last hope for a better tomorrow, has effectively become a rubber stamp in the hands of the criminal coup makers to imprison torture, murder and ban political opponents, especially members and supporters of Egypt’s largest and most popular political and social movement, the Muslim Brotherhood.

In fact, a fleeting look at Egypt these days reveals a ramshackle country, failing in every conceivable respect. Yes, some Gulf Sheikhdoms and fiefdoms are desperately trying to prop up the fascist junta in Cairo with billions of dollars. However, it is amply clear that a body that is hopelessly plagued with an incurable disease will not respond even to the best medication.

As to the Egyptian army, it has reduced itself, thanks to Sisi, et al, to a violent and undisciplined secular anti-Islam militia, hounding and ganging up on everything Islamic in a country that prides itself on being a citadel of Islam. Interestingly, this is done in collusion with certain influential criminal elements within the Coptic Church and a handful of secular elements, inculcated with hatred and vindictiveness for Islam and Muslims.

Last week, the Sisi junta sought to exploit the 40th anniversary of the 1973 war with Israel in order to enhance its popularity. But the day, 6 October, ended only with the murder of more than 60 Egyptian men, women and children and the maiming of hundreds….all in order to underscore the “manliness and virility” of Abdul Fatah Sisi, the traitor of his country and murderer of his own people.

More to the point, thanks to Sisi’s follies, Egypt is now in a state of virtual civil war and an armed insurrection waged by frustrated Islamist elements worried that the criminal junta, in concert with the equally criminal Coptic Church, is trying to denude the country of its Arab-Islamic identity.

Unfortunately, these fears don’t seem to be unfounded. The new so-called “constitution” which is being prepared by anti-Islam elements who had failed in every election, is really aimed at de-Islamizing the country. This is what these people are saying shamelessly openly.

Of course, we all know that the “constitution” being worked on by people carefully chosen by the military junta, who are overwhelmed with vengeance toward anything Islamic, will not have the dignity of a toilet paper, even if 99.99% of the masses voted “Yes.”

This is because a criminal military junta that cancelled the legitimate constitution, usurped the collective will of the Egyptian people, overthrew the democratically-elected president and murdered thousands in cold blood can not be really trusted to hold free and fair elections.

Indeed, holding free elections would require a simple requirement: Honesty. Unfortunately, this essential commodity doesn’t exist within the coup makers and their puppet government.

Now, the coup makers and their mouthpieces and spokespersons are threatening Gaza, which resisted and withstood the mighty Israeli army for 24 days, when Egypt, Syria and other Arab countries couldn’t do that for more than few days.

The coup makers know deep in their hearts that the Palestinian authorities in Gaza have no interests in alienating whoever is in charge in Cairo. However, as the murderous junta in Cairo carries on its dirty hands tons of innocent Egyptian blood and as it is demonstrating day after day its utter failure and impotence to pacify a fledging armed insurrection, it is seeking a scapegoat, and the scapegoat must be Gaza, the thoroughly tormented and hermetically blockaded coastal Palestinian territory.

The coup authorities claim rather mendaciously that Gazans are taking part in attacks on Egyptian security targets. However, these authorities have failed to produce any shred of evidence corroborating their baseless allegations.

Nonetheless, an Egyptian foray or incursion into Gaza won’t be a boon for the bankrupt junta in Cairo. I have no doubt whatsoever that an Egyptian aggression on Gaza would boomerang sooner or later on the criminal traitors. It would be probably the ultimate occasion that would prompt the free Egyptian army to settle scores with Sisi and cohorts.

There is no doubt that all sincere Palestinians and Egyptians and Muslims everywhere hope and pray that the Egyptian armed forces will not besmirch its image, or what has remained intact of it, by invading Gaza and murdering Palestinians. Certainly, this would be an indelible badge of shame and dishonor upon Egypt for many years to come.

In the meanwhile, the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership in Ramallah must also do what it has to do to prevent a possible Egyptian aggression on Gaza. President Mahmoud Abbas is also called upon to rein in some of his big-mouth aides who don’t stop trying to induce the criminal junta in Cairo to invade Gaza.

At this crucial juncture, Palestinians need to enhance mutual trust, not conspire and connive against each other.

However, it is more than obvious that the cause of Palestinian national reconciliation will not be served by the unceasing ranting and raving by certain aides of Chairman Abbas in Ramallah. This is why Mr.Abbas would be doing a great service for the Palestinian national cause if he ordered people like Muhammed Habbash, his ambassador to Cairo and Fatah leader Azzam al-Ahmad to shut their mouths up.


Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

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