The Martyrdom of Younes Ahmad Obeidi

SILWANIC | Thursday, October 17, 2013 | 23:21

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —The Israeli forces opened fire on 28-year old Younes Ahmad Obeidi inside an Israeli military camp that is located at the northern entrance of Al-Ram resulting in the Martyrdom of the young man.

Pictures that were posted on social networking websites showed that the bulldozer that was driven by the Martyr had collided with a military vehicle. According to what was published in the Israeli media, the young man went inside the military camp and was driving a bulldozer. The Israeli soldiers claim that they thought he was going to open fire at them and quickly reacted by shooting him.

The Martyr’s family said that Younes’s brother is a Martyr as well and passed away in March of 2009 after being shot by a Jew and a police individual after he hit an Israeli police car and injured two of the passengers next to Al-Malha mall south of Jerusalem.

Violent clashes broke out at the northern entrance of Al-Ram after the Martyrdom of Younes as young men threw stones towards the Israeli forces that were stationed by the military camp; the forces responded by heavily firing bombs and rubber bullets towards the young men.

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