1607 Palestinian refugees killed in Syria

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[ PIC 17/10/2013 – 05:17 PM ]


DAMASCUS, (PIC)– The Action group for the Palestinian refugees in Syria stated that 1607 Palestinian refugees killed since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution and till September 30.

In a detailed report, the group said that 1088 refugees have been killed since the beginning of the revolution till the 30th of September after their camps were targetted.

The Palestinian refugee camps have been subjected during the ongoing conflict in Syria to daily shelling and bombing, leading to hundreds of victims.

The Action Group pointed out that 105 martyrs have been killed under torture in the Syrian regime’s prisons.

The report issued on Thursday also noted that the Palestinian refugees were also targeted out of their camps where 519 Palestinian refugees were killed most of them in Damascus.

The Action Group stated that 657 Palestinians were killed due to the shelling to their camps and 41 Palestinians were shot dead during clashes between the regime army and Free Army.


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