Israeli right proposes series of undemocratic laws

MEMO | Oct 20, 2013

The Yedioth Ahronoth website reported on Sunday morning that the Israeli right-wing is introducing a series of laws during the Knesset’s winter session primarily aiming to limit the power and influence of the Israeli Supreme Court, including preventing it from interfering in legislation after its recent decision regarding the illegality of a number of laws proposed by the right-wing, the most controversial being the law limiting the arrest and detainment of illegal African immigrants in Israel.

The website stated that the new laws were prepared by the current leaders of the ruling coalition, Habayit Heyhudi MK Ayelet Shaked and Coalition Chairman MK Yariv Levin. These laws include restrictions on the Supreme Court and giving the Knesset the power to elect the head of the Supreme Court, both of which according to Levin are important steps in the “prolonged struggle to change the face of the judiciary, putting it back on a more Jewish and Zionist track.”

Moreover, the new laws are also proposing to change the committee for the election of judges and to limit the power of the Supreme Court’s ability to repeal laws while giving the Knesset the power to re-enact laws previously repealed by the Supreme Court.

In related news, the Al-Monitor web site recently reported that Levin and Shaked are also hoping to revive the draft law proposed by former Minister Avi Dichter affirming that Israel is the state of the Jewish people. The media site pointed out that, “According to his proposal, only a Jewish majority could exercise its right to self-determination” in the State of Israel.

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