The paradoxical Cairo junta ~ by Khalid Amayreh

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By Khalid Amayreh

The military junta in Egypt, headed by army chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, seems to be thoroughly stupid as it is manifestly criminal.

We all know that the murderous junta, which overthrew the first and only democratically-elected President in Egypt’s entire history, carries on its hands the unjustly-spilled blood of thousands of Egyptian citizens who protested the usurpation of the people’s will at the hands of a few ignoramuses in khaki, headed by Sisi and backed up by some anti-Islam secularists, Coptic Church leaders and some pseudo-Muslims who carry Muslim names but do Satan’s work.

The murderous junta claimed it was seeking true democracy. Now, however, nearly three months after the criminal coup, Egypt is steadily but definitely becoming a failed state. The symptoms are clear and ubiquitous. Terrorism strikes everywhere and people are murdered on a daily basis. The Sinai Peninsula is already a battlefield where Egyptian soldiers are killed almost everyday. Freedom of the press has been virtually decapitated and non-conformist voices are routinely suppressed and arrested for criticizing “the king.”

Thousands of people are incarcerated as political hostages, including the country’s legitimate President, D. Muhammad Mursi. The notoriously politicized Egyptian justice system spends more hours concocting and fabricating charges against innocent detainees than investigating the cold-blooded murder of thousands of Egyptians at the hands of the ghoulish army and notoriously murderous police as well as the estimated tens of thousands of state-paid cutthroats and thugs, otherwise known as Baltagiya.

Would you imagine that so far, not a single soldier, police officer or army-paid criminal has been prosecuted and convicted for murder despite the death of several thousand Egyptians in the past three years.

The problem doesn’t have to do with incompetence alone. The truth of the matter is that Egypt has always been a police state based on a culture of lying, a culture that accords very little value to the life of a human being.

But the reason I described the despicable junta as stupid is related to the striking depravity of the present justice system.

The present regime has outlawed the Muslim brotherhood, the largest political party in the country. It is also planning to outlaw all Islamic-oriented parties since all religion-based parties are considered illegal according to the constitution being prepared by some anti-Islam intellectuals, vindictive Church leaders as well as atheists and Communists, free Masons and other enemies of Islam.

In other words, according to the new constitution, a given political party would have to be based on atheism in order to be accepted as legitimate in a country where more than 95% of the population adheres to the Islamic faith!

Needless to say, such a constitution will not have the dignity of a toilet paper and will have to be trashed into the dustbin of history.

But the issue is more complicated and transcends logic itself… The second entry of the Egyptian constitution stipulates that Islam is the religion of the state and that no law will be incompatible with the general principles of Islam.

So how can this be reconciled with other entries in the constitution that reject the formation of political parties based on religion, e.g. Islam?

In truth, the advocates of secular fascism in Egypt cannot really provide an honest answer to this most axiomatic and fundamental question.

But the unspoken words of these bankrupt elements sound like this: We don’t really believe in democracy and our real aim is to destroy Islam or at least “political Islam.” This is the real ideology of Sisi and cohorts who lack the rectitude and moral courage to call the spade a spade since it is politically incorrect to be honest as honesty would expose them to the people.

None the less, these bankrupt criminals shall be exposed sooner or later. The Egyptian people may be patient, but they are not known for forgiving criminals who sucked their blood.


Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

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