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right-2-education-week-logoIf you’re Palestinian, you can say goodbye to the prospect of a normal education.

At every stage from nursery to university the path to adulthood is strewn with obstacles – and the results for Palestinian society and the economy are devastating.

We need your help to raise awareness of this injustice during Right 2 Education Week, 11-15 November, 2013.

The obstacles to education in Palestine are both visible and invisible. You only have to look at the situation for primary school children to see the stranglehold of the occupation.

Residents in the Jordan Valley, in the West Bank, are denied permission to construct even the most basic school buildings, with 95% of applications denied according to Ma’an Development Centre statistics.

Academic life in the West Bank’s numerous universities is stifled as part of a concentrated and systematic political effort by Israel to hamper the means of development for Palestinian society.

Birzeit University, for example, has been closed 15 times since the occupation began, with one closure lasting almost 4 years.

High school students in Ramallah often have to travel for more than an hour to attend class if they are unlucky enough to be separated from school by Israel’s Apartheid Wall.

Harder to see are the invisible constraints. These include the soaring cost of a degree and the lack of expertise among teaching staff across Palestine.

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights stipulates: ‘Everyone has the right to education’. Palestinians living under Israel’s military occupation are being systematically denied this basic right.

So what can you do to draw attention to the plight of Palestinians in their quest for knowledge and growth?

Every year, the Right 2 Education Campaign – a grass roots, non violent, student led campaign in the West Bank – mobilises an increasing number of people globally to take part in a week of events and actions. This year, from 11-15 November, we are aiming for a deeper, international impact than ever before.

Show your support by joining the Facebook event, organising a meeting, film screening, or debate on the issue, following us on Twitter and telling everyone you know. Use the hashtag #R2Eweek!

Please email the Right 2 Education team on to register yourselves as official partners.

Now’s your time to get involved!

Right 2 Education Week on Facebook:
Twitter: @Right_2_Edu


Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

Click to go to the report and link to full PDF for download

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