Fatah, Israel, US, Sisi are against Hamas. What does this tell us? ~ by Khalid Amayreh

“The entire enter­prise of a Jew­ish state in Palestine is built upon an express rejec­tion of interna­tional law.”
~ Brayer

22-10-2013,08:09 – Al Qassam Website 

By Khalid Amayreh – A mere fleeting glance at the identities of Hamas’s enemies these days should be sufficient to vindicate the Palestinian Islamist movement, whose leaders paid the ultimate price in the course of the long and bitter struggle against the Zionist enemy.

It is a cancerous enemy par excellence whose nefarious designs against us include seizing the remnants of our ancestral land and expelling our people to the four winds as it has been doing from the very inception.

Israel is not really hell-bent on destroying Hamas because Hamas is a “terrorist movement.” Israel is probably the last entity on the face of earth that is qualified to classify others into terrorists and non-terrorists. Israel itself was born in terror, baptized in terror, survived by way of terror and thrived on terror. In fact, Israel is the ultimate embodiment of terror. Claiming otherwise would be like committing an act of lewdness with truth and history.

No one claims that Hamas is an immaculate entity. No liberation movement is immaculate. The French revolution was not immaculate. Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC) was not immaculate. Even the European uprisings and revolutions against the Nazi occupation forces were not immaculate.

You just can not confront an evil foreign occupation that is hell bent on murdering your people and stealing your country, immaculately or with mesmerizing words of poetry and eloquent preaching.

Resistance involves blood and fire and words alone can’t free nations and countries from the boots and shackles of invading armies. Needless to say, Israel is a nation of invaders who came from overseas, killed our people, destroyed our homes, bulldozed our villages and expelled the bulk of our people to the four winds. And now, these murderous hypocrites have the audacity to lecture the world on terror and morality.

Hence, the mere existence of Israel at the top of the list of Hamas’s enemies should really be enough to Judge Hamas as the proverbial “good guy” while dismissing its foes as the true villains.

As to why Israel is against Hamas, the reasons are many and clear. Hamas and the Islamists in general represent the last line of defense in the face of the attempted liquidation of the Palestinian question. The secular and ultra-pragmatic Palestinian Authority (PA) is ostensibly willing to compromise erstwhile inalienable historical Palestinian rights, including the paramount Right of Return. PA leader Mahmoud Abbas repeatedly said he didn’t want to return to Safad, his native hometown in what is now Israel. This squarely contradicts the ideology and political views of the Islamists.

More to the point, it is probably safe to say that the Abbas leadership would even compromise on the so-called “Palestinian Constants” or “red lines” pertaining to the West Bank, including a total Israeli withdrawal from the territories occupied in 1967 and the creation of a viable Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

In fact, there are many serious pundits who are convinced that the apparent consent of the PLO regime to “swap territory” with Israel is a mere euphemism for a certain propensity on the part of that regime to come to terms with the numerous Jewish colonies that Israel has built in violation of international law since 1967.

League of enemies

In addition to Israel , Hamas is being hounded by the bloody coup junta in Egypt. The Sisi regime is trying to tighten the noose on the Gaza Strip for the purpose of forcing the Muslim Brothers in Cairo to “compromise.”

This unethical tactic, however, is unlikely to succeed as the ongoing sporadic insurrection against the bloody junta is really turning the coup makers’ plans into a nightmare.

Indeed, not a day passes without an Egyptian army post is targeted or Egyptian army personnel is killed by Egyptian rebels, embittered by the massacre of thousands of Egyptian protesters at the hands of the fascist coup makers.

Since the coup against the only democratically-elected president in Egypt’s entire history began on July 3, Israel has been quietly allowing Egyptian helicopter gunship to terrorize Gaza and launch attacks on suspected Islamist fighters. The coup makers, especially the puppet government of Adly Mansour, have been claiming that Palestinians from Gaza are involved in the insurrection against the junta.

However, an objective examination of these accusations suggests that the Cairo junta is using Hamas as a red herring. Indeed, the Egyptian authorities have so far failed to bring to trial a single “Hamas activist” for involvement in terror against the Egyptian army.

Likewise, not a single Palestinian activist has appeared on the Egyptian TV, confessing to being involved in attacks against the Egyptian army. This conclusion is quite logical and rational because it is never in Hamas’s interests to alienate or even provoke any regime in Cairo, irrespective of its political and ideological orientations.

As to Fatah, it is really sad to see that the erstwhile liberation movement becoming a mere tail of the illegitimate Sisi regime. It is carrying out this ignominious role by concocting disinformation and false intelligence reports against Hamas to the Sisi regime and pliant media, notorious for its dishonesty, mendacity and disregard for truth

Fatah is also trying to implant “contras” against Hamas for the purpose of destabilizing the Islamist regime in the Gaza Strip and hopefully replicating the Sisi junta there.

In fact, there are credible proofs indicating that Fatah is encouraging and instigating the Sisi regime to invade the coastal enclave and reinstall Fatah as the ruling authority, probably in collusion with sleeping cells answerable to former Fatah leader Muhammed Dahlan or even Israel.

None the less, it is amply clear that Hamas is behaving quite vigilantly in the face of these vile conspiracies and will not allow Dahlan’s militias to turn the Gaza Strip once again into an American wild west where trigger-happy and half-drunken gunmen open fire indiscriminately on street goers, terrorizing Gazans and forcing them to pay the thugs protection money or else!

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