Haniyeh: “There will be no Palestinian state in Gaza and no state without it”

MEMO | Oct 23, 2013

The head of the deposed Palestinian government, Ismail Haniyeh, asserted on Monday that “there will be no Palestinian state in Gaza and there will be no state without Gaza…that has been freed by the resistance.”

In a speech at the Islamic University in Gaza he said, “Gaza is a beloved part of Palestine , and its administration is an integral part of the Palestinian political system.”

“We want one land, one people, one leadership, one government and one authority, and we want to put an end to the political division,” he added.

“We have a right, and Heaven’s Justice is on our side, we are only asking for our rights and we fight in order to restore our rights in Jerusalem and the occupied territories.”

Still living in fairy-tale-land about Israel?

Time to wake up: The Map of the “Greater Israel” even is hammered on the currency:

All facts at Storify continuously updated. Read what Israeli ‘leaders’ have said and done even before (peace) talks and how their actions contradict the reality and ugly facts which they try to hide from you:

You can forget all details.
Save yourself time.
It is only about Ethnic Cleansing
of Palestine

Israel. Not looking for Peace. Nor Talks. But this…

The No-State Solution for Palestine

The facts. Mainly Israeli sources. Continuously updated

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