#PalHunger | Captive Ala’a Hammad in serious danger

[ PIC 23/10/2013 – 05:41 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Jordanian captive Ala’a Hammad is passing through a life threatening stage after 175 days of hunger strike, Waed society for prisoners said in a statement on Wednesday.

It said that Hammad, who went on hunger strike on 1st May, was isolated from the outside world and was suffering from medical neglect in Israeli captivity.

The society said that the Israeli prison authorities were trying to pressure Hammad into breaking his strike, but he is adamant on continuing despite his exhaustion and worsening condition.

It said that Hammad, a holder of Jordanian passport, was deprived of seeing his wife and six children, adding that his wife and children had been living in Jordan for the past six years.

In the same context, an international campaign in solidarity with Hammad kicked off on Wednesday. One of the activists supervising the campaign Ayat Othman said that many activists around the world would participate in the campaign.

She said that the campaign would start with introducing the captive and his health condition and his demands in addition to shedding light on Israeli crimes against Palestinian prisoners in general.

Othman called for sending emails to the Jordanian monarch and his wife along with satellite TV stations and diplomats asking them to pressure Israel into releasing him.

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